April 18, 2016

Staying onboard...

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Re: Jacklines and fall protection devices?

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A recent post concerning jacklines spurred some thought and research. I need to add new/better harness and tag lines. My little 27 footer doesn't have a bunch of room/places to install jacklines conveniently/safely. 

Having been in the construction trades most of my working life, I started looking at fall protection from that angle. There are several devices that are listed as "fall limiters" or "personal safety devices" that appear to possibly work better than typical solutions.

For those not familiar, these work like a recoiling dog leash..on a grand scale  Honeywell/Miller is one of the largest manufacturers. They list specs as 400# and limit to 2 foot arrest. Lengths of safetylines vary to near 18 feet! These are usually tagged onto the "H" harness like a typical leash; but allow a spec'd distance travel.

I foresee a limiter fastened to central point (mast?) and me clipped on, able to move from 'pit to forestay without encumbrance or having to clip/unclip/reclip at several points.
Now to find an inflatable PFD that'll work with my (potential) rig?

Wondering if the device couldn't be clipped to the mast and use the "clip off" end to attach to harness?? This would lighten load and bulk on harness . Just might hafta call Miller and ask


You are on the right track regarding fall arrestment. While our primary focus and efforts are oriented to staying on the boat, falls while tethered must be accounted for.

For a detailed boating perspective from a very experienced mountain climber and cruiser- and the person who wrote the recent Practical Sailor article about jacklines [subscription required, but here is the public blog post leading to that article...] see the following: [and there is much more...]

The Case for Softer Tethers

Dynamic Tethers

Climbing Gear for Sailors--Jacklines and Harnesses for the Unemployed

Jacklines, Tethers, and Why Monohulls and Catamarans are Different

The Attainable Adventure Cruising online ebook about this subject- and ongoing discussion as mentioned by others in this thread- will also provide you with great insight; especially with regards to hard attachment points for tethers... [Morganscloud.com - membership required, and it appears some of us here find it very worthwhile as a supplement to this excellent forum...]

Lastly, for a sobering perspective on what it is like to be dragged in the water or attempt to rescue a tethered POB, read:

Is it safe to use a tether?

Here's hoping that none of us ever have such experiences first-hand...


SV Denali Rose

Short on opinions; focused on research, facts & experience [yours and ours...]

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