March 24, 2017

Friday Funny 03/24 (Refrigeration)


Is refrigerator cleaning a part of your spring cleaning? We have to do it routinely, or who knows what science experiments will actually begin to move on their own. Maybe we could employ Mr. Death to clean out the deceased items on a regular basis.

Snidely Milk Lash

We have choices for refrigeration on Denali Rose. We have the usual in-counter (deep dive) fridge, which we try to keep organized with small crates.

Well organized.

Not so well organized. I do know that the cheese bin is on the bottom.

We were keeping our leftovers in hard sided containers, but we found they took up too much room, and switched to zip-lock bags.

Various sizes of this, you use the pump tool to pump out the air after you seal the container.

Various sizes of zip-locks, I made the holder, and it hangs on the wall above the counter.

We also have a sharpie pen close by to label the bag. Items inside these bags can quickly become those "dead things" if you don't know what it is, or when you put it there.

We also have a front door fridge that is mounted under the countertop.

Also with organizational bins.

This unit is very old, eats power, and I have to get on my knees to see in, and pull items out. I'm dreaming of a new drawer model to fit in here.

My dream fridge.

We would already have installed one of these except for one problem.

The aft side of the galley.

The current fridge is in the lower left, and it is 23 inches wide. The width between the handrail on the left [in the above photo] and the mast on the right is 19 inches. Soooo, it's either dismantle a wall, or pull the mast off of the boat to get the old one out, and the new one in. [This predicament is also why our stove has an oven almost tall enough for a pie...] Neither of those options will be happening anytime soon, so for now we will use what we have.

We also have a dedicated freezer, it's the size of a large cooler, and it holds quite a lot. We need to eat up what's in there now, so we can make room for all of the fish we intend to catch. (Wishful thinking, please send positive vibes.)

The aft side of the lower dinette.

The Engel freezer inside the bench seat.

Organized meats, but no room for ice cream. Alas!

We turned off the heater to the v-berth, and closed the door. This action created another cool storage room, so we put large refrigerator items in there on the port side upper bunk. It has worked out great, but just today, it's getting too warm, (finally), and almost everything got moved out.

Fruit, onions, veggies, yogurt, and pickles were stored up there.


Clearing off the countertop, always need more space.

What is on your spring cleaning list? Do you have more than one fridge to clean? Let us know here in comments, or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.

March 17, 2017

Friday Funny 03/17 (Retirement)

Happy St. Patricks Day!


I had planned to write about retirement, but when I put the title on the draft post, I realized it was St. Patrick's Day, so I had to include that too.

I put my dollar in there.

Some of you saw the photo that Bill posted on Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat, of me holding up a Priority mail envelope. I had just gotten off of the phone with my Retirement Counselor, who had assisted me in completing the State of Alaska retirement and benefits paperwork. I gathered up all of the forms, and immediately drove to the Post Office to get it off to Juneau for processing. I should be official by May 01. I had resigned from my job three years ago when Bill retired, and I had been waiting for this day to arrive. It means that I have achieved that magic age.

Retired; Young at heart, slightly older in other places. 😁

The moment is captured.
Thank you everyone for the well-wishes!

I also left Alaska Airlines in 1999, after working for them for 23 years. I still need to wait until I am 62 to start to receive that retirement as well. Unless you're a pilot, the amount you get is quite minuscule, but I will be gaining my full "pass benefits" back. It's a good perk to have.

Are we having fun yet?

As long as it is extra sharp aged cheddar!

Along with retirement comes a bit of the "tightening of the belt". Since we have been living on Bill's retirement, it will seem like we have almost doubled our income. Spending Spree! No, not really, we intend on banking the other half.

All good, except that we need a drawing of a sailboat.

I found this shirt on Cafe Press, it does show a power boat, but if I really wanted one, I could have them make one with our sailboat on it.

And away we go!