September 21, 2018

Friday Funny 9-21/18 (Cruising or Uncruising)

Not always the case....

During the last month, we had some small cruise ships share a few of our anchorages. I'm happy to say that their anchoring distance, their crew, and their guests were all respectful of the peace, and quiet in the Alaskan wilderness. Tip of the hat to the Uncruise Adventure company.

These kayakers were skirting the edges of Yes Bay the morning we saw the orcas feeding, and listened to the wolves howling. Everyone sat very still while the whales were surfacing, they didn't try to get too close, and I can only imagine what a great experience that was for them.

Uncruise kayakers

While we were in Walker Bay, we had more than one ship come in, unload kayakers, and paddle boarders, and check out the sights. There is a salmon spawning stream off one end, and eagles were very abundant, using my binoculars, I counted about 25 in just one area of the trees. We also saw bears here, but not while the kayakers were out.

Uncruise Adventure ship

A well fed bear.

Some of the ships were larger, though still not as big as the huge liners.

Uncruise Adventure ship

We shared this cove with others on the Labor Day weekend, it was a protected cove, and as you can see, the weather was not that great. We had secured the mooring ball before anyone else arrived, and stayed through the heavy predicted winds. At one point we got hit with a 40kt williwaw, we could hear it coming, and then bam, it whacked us, and Denali Rose pulled hard on the mooring. The wind generator loved it, that was my first williwaw smackdown.

Looking through the rainy windows at three boats rafted up, with a fourth close by, and a fishing vessel. 

Our last stop was Menefee Point, and we scored big time. A local commercial fisherman, was anchored nearby, and when he left, he delivered a bag of shrimp to us. We were very grateful, and declared them delicious! 

Took a photo before they were all gone!

Then an Uncruise ship came in for the day, and after the anchoring process, their launch headed over to us. We came out on deck to greet them, and were handed a nice bottle of wine, and a bag of homemade cookies. They apologized for disrupting our quiet cove, and hoped that the gift would make up for it. And how, come disrupt anytime!

The goodies ship.

If I ever had a desire for a larger ship experience, I would definitely look into what this company had to offer.

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September 15, 2018

Friday Funny on Saturday 9-15/18 (Foggy Thinking)

Okay,  I thought Friday was Thursday, and I procrastinated...... so there it is.

Not this kind of fog.

In the fall, warm, sunny days, bring cool evenings, which then bring foggy mornings. We left Ketchikan, and headed north for a leisurely trip back to Wrangell. 

We saw a thick fog bank in the distance, and we were hoping the sun would burn it off before we got to it.

A line of fog.

The latest extreme tides had contributed to the amount of debris to avoid in the water.

I was glad we went through that tide-line before we got to the fog, imagine trying to dodge that stuff with reduced visibility, even though some of it was picked up by the radar.

Avoid those little red and green bits on the screen.

It was like entering the Twilight Zone.

What was inside the fog, will we hit something, will we ever emerge from it, or wander aimlessly forever...... ?  😮

Heading in


Leaving it behind us.

Once inside, we found that we still had about 500yards of visibility at the water level, so it was pretty much a non-issue. Clarence Strait, which is known for kicking up the wind, and waves cooperated with us as well. We finished our day with a stop in Meyers Chuck, and since the majority of personal  tourist boaters have headed south, there was room on the public dock to tie up for the evening. 

The day ended with another beautiful sunset.

 As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.