November 9, 2018

Friday Funny 11-9/18 (Plants - Live or Die)

Plant Assassin 

That's me, when it comes to plants, I don't have a green thumb.

At the home we used to live in, I had a small flower garden, mostly perennials, so they would come back every spring on their own. I would also go to Home Depot/Lowes every year, and buy pansies, you can't hardly mess them up, even though they weren't perennial.  The rest of the yard was wild, and free, mostly fireweed, wild sitka roses, daisies, and bluebells. The only yard work I accomplished, was to pull out dandelions when they showed up, and picking rhubarb from a large self sufficient patch. 

That's Gus, hiding in the tall grass.

My Mom was the African Violet Queen, not to be confused with Kathrine Hepburn in the African Queen. 


Katherine Hepburn

She had shelves, and shelves of violets, and they always flourished, bloomed, grew large, and quite obviously loved her, if a plant can love a human. Whenever I see an African Violet, it always brings my Mother to mind.

I've tried over the years to take care of African Violets, and have had no success. The Farmer's Almanac website calls them fusspots, and says they're easy to care for, if you care for them on their terms. That doesn't sound promising. 

This past summer, I managed to acquire two plants. I bought a very tiny African Violet at a community bazaar, and my friend Katherine gave me one. I was admiring the ones she had in her cafe window, and she made a special effort to make sure I got one.

The larger plant has bloomed twice since this summer!

They usually live on the nav table in the basket, lots of good light there.

That last photo is of the smaller plant, which has been growing well, and now has buds on it. I can't wait for it to bloom, and see what color the flowers will be. Maybe I can take care of plants after all?

Just a bit bizarre ....  don't you think it looks a little like Audrey ll from "Little Shop of Horrors"?

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November 2, 2018

Friday Funny 11-2/18

What!!?? A flu shot isn't served in a small glass, and labeled as an adult beverage?  Yes, I know what it really is, and I usually get one every year, but don't you think that would be a good name for some kind of designer drink?

Please don't debate flu shots, or vaccines here, I believe in them, and I like being protected from any number of ailments. 

The community of Wrangell advertises all sorts of activities on their Facebook page, and I read today that the flu clinic will be held at the same time, and venue as voting on November 6th. I'm not sure what one has to do with the other, but hey, one stop shop works. Maybe we're being inoculated against bad politicians at the same time, one can only hope. I think we may need an adult beverage after voting, and seeing the results. Either way, celebration, or crying, a drink called Flu Shot might be just in order.

As long as I don't watch the nurse giving me the shot, I'll be okay.

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.