Mail Handling [and Parts Sourcing...]

How do we deal with receiving mail and packages, addresses for credit cards, passports, drivers licenses, etc?

We use St. Brendan's Isle [SBI] mail handling service [NOT only a mail forwarding service...] So do thousands of other cruisers and others who lead a traveling lifestyle.

Founded by ex-cruising sailors, they are one of, if not the best. 

We rarely have to have them forward any mail because they will scan anything we ask them to, and either hold, forward or shred the rest as we request. Therefore we deal with almost everything online. It couldn't be easier. Rarely do we have to hang around a port waiting for mail to arrive general delivery...

Ex-cruisers founded this service and fully understand what we are up against, and provide excellent guidance and feedback when it comes to completing postal and other government forms. 

They will even handle our [currently annual] USCG documentation renewals for us.

We subscribe to their Cruiser's Home Port service package. [Our insurance broker, Al Golden of IMIS- another ex-cruising sailor- recently mentioned about 90% of the cruising boats they insure all 'live' at the same address: SBI...]

They also offer a discount marine supply service which is included with the above service. This service is invaluable - especially when traveling out of the country and/or remote locations.

Other mail services pale in comparison, and cost about the same... This choice was a no-brainer for us.

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