Computers, Devices and Applications [Updated Mar-2019]

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This is part of a series describing some of our common boat systems and their operation. [See our Stuff we have and use [and do...] sidebar for more like this...]

We refer to these often not only for our own use, but also when asked specific questions about systems on Denali Rose, and when participating in discussions on various forums.

We aren't implying our choices are the best or only way to go; they just happen to be the decisions we made about what works best for us...
It is worth noting that most of the software [i.e., applications, or programs] we mention, below, is also available for many other devices and operating systems...
And since we are talking about electronics, in the future our choices described on this page may become dated and/or obsolete. Therefore, we will attempt to keep this information current regarding what we have and use, and what we are researching/considering for the future. Check back often as this page will change over time...

Please understand we are not documenting details about our selection process, reviews, product comparisons, etc. We leave that to you- and others far more capable than us. [See the Additional Resources section at the bottom of this page...] We are just sharing the outcomes of our somewhat qualified selection efforts.

And please do leave a comment if you spot an error or omission, broken link, or have recommendations based upon your own first-hand experience.

––––––––– Updated 20-Mar-2019 [by Bill] –––––––––


We are retired management professionals. Consequently we are lazy and prefer to avoid having to do too much [or know too much...] to keep our computers functioning well. We therefore use Apple Macintosh computers and its Unix based operating system. [OSX; now dubbed Mac OS...] 

We run MS Windows on our Macs for any programs we need to use that require that OS. [None at present]. Also, it surprises many that Windows runs faster on our Mac Powerbooks than on most dedicated Windows machines... [This we constantly rediscover whenever booting/running Windows while sitting next to someone with a powerful, dedicated Windows computer...]

We like portability, so we use laptops. We each have a personal one, and we keep our prior generation models as back-ups. All are kept up-to-date, synchronized, and immediately available for use.

Our philosophy is that all of these electronic devices and gadgets- even though they are expensive- are disposable devices... [I know. That hurts, doesn't it? But think about that for a moment...]

Therefore we use them until they no longer work or perform well enough to do the job at hand. Then we replace them with current models. [Cry once...] Transfer everything over, and try to keep going...

Computer Software: A select few of the many Applications (Programs) we use to support our boating/cruising lifestyle...
  • Navigation:
    • OpenCPN [Navigation and route planning; integrated with our N2K network.]
      • GPS [and GLONASS], AIS, compass heading, etc. data is available on our NMEA network. More about our network is below...]
      • OpenCPN Logbook  [OpenCPN plug-in]
      • Other OpenCPN plug-ins dejour... 
  • Documents, Books, Manuals, etc.: 
    • Google Drive [for the Ship's library documents. 21GB and growing... All manuals, technical books, documents, etc.]
      • Install Drive sync software on your computer
      • Keeps a copy on our computer(s) so we always have access to everything
      • Syncs to the cloud whenever we have internet access via WiFi or Cell data connection so we have permanent back-up accessible from anywhere in the world from any computer
    • Google Docs, [Spread] Sheets, etc. [for all spreadsheets, documents, etc.]
      • Works offline, and syncs whenever we have an internet connection
      • Excellent for collaborative efforts
    • Google Calendar
      • Works offline, and syncs whenever we have an internet connection
      • Syncs with the calendar on our phones and tablets
      • Great for sharing specific calendar(s) with specific individual(s)
  • eMail and document transfer:
    • Gmail [for personal and boat email when WiFi or cell data are available.]
    • UUplus email [and document retrieval service e.g., Weather, news, etc.]
      • Also works via any internet connection including Sat phone, WiFi, Cell, etc.
        • i.e., Is not limited to sat phone only unlike the Iridium GO! email app.
      • Optimized for Iridium Sat phones; works on the GO!
      • Additional details available on the following pages:
  • Weather: [In order of preference]
    • LuckGrib [This is the best GRIB viewer I have ever used. It does everything.]
    • OpenCPN Grib and WeFax Viewers [Very powerful chart overlay capabilities...]
    • PredictWind Offshore App [Weather]
      • Download GRIB files via email, Weather Routing, Departure Planning, GMDSS text forecasts and Satellite Imagery for your next offshore passage
    • zyGrib [Powerful but geeky GRIB viewer; weather visualizer.] 
      • The last update was Nov-2016, so it seems the developer has deprecated this once fine application. 
      • We replaced zyGrib with the more powerful LuckGrib
  • Sharing Computer Screens with Tablets and SmartPhones: 
    • View/control what is on your computer screen from your tablet or smartphone
      • Activate Screen Sharing on Mac
      • Install Mocha VNC on the tablet(s) and/or smart phone(s)
      • Install Duet to use a tablet as a 2nd monitor on a laptop
  • Windows:
    • VMware Fusion [For running other operating systems on your Mac]
      • e.g., Windows, Linux, etc.
    • Bootcamp [Included with Mac OS. Need Windows license.]
    • Wine [Free. No Windows license needed. Powerful but geeky; works with many programs, but hit-and-miss...]
      • Crossover [Commercial version of Wine; easier to install; expensive]
  • Entertainment [Also see this heading under Tablets, below.]
    • Movies: [Videos]
    • Books:
      • Kindle App [for reading books- and PDFs too; e.g., manuals] 
        • You can also email PDFs to this app [Think boat manuals...]
        • Syncs with our Kindle eReaders and our tablets and smartphones
        • Unlimited book subscription [30 day free trial]
      • Audible Books [Our favorite way to share a book... 30 day free trial]
      • Bookbub [A free website that tracks discounted and free books by provider, and emails you when they become available. Sign up for your account, list your preferred providers, reading genres, and notification intervals. Donna's Kindle Paperwhite has over 500 books on it, and most of them were free.]
      • Librivox [Free audio books read by volunteers...]
      • Calibre [For keeping your virtual library organized, and converting proprietary formats into common formats...]
    • Music [Use your Music app of choice...]
    • Movies:
      • Since we use Amazon Prime for free shipping, we also watch many free movies and catch up on our favorite TV shows. [30 day free trial.]
      • Netflix Streaming
      • Etc.


Since we like the Macintosh computers, we have iPad Tablets. [iOS is the operating system that runs on iPhones and iPads]

We each have our own model of choice, and a third dedicated to ship's systems. [And like our computers, our old (still functioning) tablets will be kept as back-ups (and dedicated picture/slide show kiosks) as they are replaced in the future...]

We typically buy iPads with cell data capability [i.e., not WiFi only...] so they have a built-in GPS [part of the cell chip...] and can be used as back-up navigation devices or hot spots if we lost use of our smart phones.
Note: We can get by with WiFi only iPads [i.e., no built-in GPS] by using navigation apps that accept this data from an outside source [e.g., We use SEAiq- under Navigation below...] This works because our boat WiFi network includes GPS data [along with AIS and most instrument data...] from our NMEA 2000 network. [Note: Since the built-in GPS is power hungry, using a WiFi GPS source is a geat way to extend run time on a tablet or smartphone...] 
Here is a related blog post: iPads on our boat

iPad Accessories:
Cables and 2+A 12 volt USB chargers [3rd party. Apple Certified. 1/4th the price of Apple cables- and they last longer...]
Side note: Be sure to use a USB charging source that is greater than 1 amp output [we found these 2.4 amp/USB port units are sufficient] or the iPad battery on our models will actually loose charge during the day when used for live navigation or as a mirror to the  MFD- even though it is plugged-in... 
Tablet Software: [Also installed on our SmartPhones]

Some of the important Applications/Programs we rely upon are listed, below. There are many more. These just happen to be the ones we find ourselves using most often among hundreds of apps on our devices... [200+ as of the last update to this page, and counting...]
  • Navigation: [In order of our preference]
    • Aqua Map Marine ["Master" version released 20-Mar-2019; Modest annual subscription]
      • Now that they added the Garmin Active Captain [and Waterway Guide] data this is our go-to app [i.e., We can finally discard the once cherished, now deprecated Garmin BlueChart Mobile] 
      • Includes Topo maps— which is important for us in Alaska and British Columbia [Finally a replacement for the deprecated Skipper app]
      • Chart sets are reasonably priced
      • It also has a very nicely designed anchor alarm with many useful features
      • Master upgrade [released Mar-2019] includes ability to use NMEA and signalK data via WiFi. This means:
        • Full AIS, GPS, and instrument integration 
          • Our AIS [Vesper Watchmate Vision with built-in NMEA multiplexer] distributes this data via our central WiFi router [currently a WiriePro
        • Note: To improve iPad/iPhone battery life [when it is inconvenient to plug-in the charging cord...] we often turn off the built-in GPS and use the GPS data available from our boat's WiFi network
    • Navionics 
      • We use Navionics on our iOS devices because we use Navionics Charts on our chartplotters [B&G Zeus2]
      • Note: As of the last update to thispage, Navionics does NOT use external NMEA data. [e.g., GPS, AIS, Instruments, etc.] 
        • Navionics released some additional capabilities compatible with our B&G chartplotters we find very useful including:
          • The ability to update charts on the iPad when on the internet, and then transfer those updates [via GoFree WiFi] to the Navionics Chart SD card in the chartplotter
          • The ability to plan routes on the iPad and transfer to the chartplotter
            • Note: So far this syncing is all one-way; iOS device to chart plotter
          • Active Captain integration
    • SEAiq [There are several versions including the expensive commercial version for Pilots (SEAiq Pilot). We use the international chart capable recreational version called SEAiq [Previously SEAiq Open]  SEAiq USA is a USA charts only version for under $5 [as of last update to this page...]
      • A very capable and powerful standalone nav system
      • Raster and Vector charts in one app
      • Integrated with Active Captain for offline use*
        • *NOTE: As of 23-May-2018:
          • Active Captain: Garmin changed the Active Captain feed. As of the last update, SEAiq had not decided whether to adopt the new feed. Consequently, no new Active Captain data after 23-May-2018 [but last data remains in app for use. More below...]
          • Waterway Guide: Now integrated with SEAiq. [Covers eastern U.S., Canada, Bahamas, and Cuba. Not currently useful in the Pacific.]
      • Full AIS, GPS, and instrument integration 
        • Our AIS [Vesper Watchmate Vision with built-in NMEA multiplexer] distributes this data via our central WiFi router [currently a WiriePro
      • Note: To improve iPad/iPhone battery life [when it is inconvenient to plug-in the charging cord...] we often turn off the built-in GPS and use the GPS data available from our boat's WiFi network
  • Navigation Data: GPS [and GLONASS and Galileo], AIS, compass heading, most NMEA2000 data, etc. is available on our local WiFi network (courtesy of our Vesper Watchmate Vision AIS with built-in NMEA multiplexer).
    • Commander Compass [Hand-held compass on steroids]
    • GPS Diagnostics
      • Resolve GPS problems
      • Supplements operation of your navigation apps
      • If location cannot be determined then it diagnoses why
      • Assists you in changing conditions to get a reliable location
      • Copy / send current location [Handy for position reporting]
    • Theodolite [A multi-function augmented reality app that combines a compass, GPS, map, photo/movie camera, rangefinder, and two-axis inclinometer into one indispensable app. Theodolite overlays real time information about position, altitude, bearing, range, and inclination on the iPhone’s live camera image, like an electronic viewfinder or heads-up display. Way cool...] 
  • Weather:
    • Windy [Apps and webRequires live internet access
      • Wind, waves, tide, forecasts, and much more
    • Weather 4D: [Several generations... shop carefully...]
      • Weather4D Routing & Navigation replaced Weather 4D 2.0 ~Apr-2018 [And Weather 4D 2.0 replaced Weather 4D Pro, below. Same features and more. Released April-2016; This is the app suite we have used since Oct-2016]
        • Weather4D Routing & Navigation is the most recent app in this series from this developer
        • Adds charting and navigation capabilities to Weather 4D Pro [below]
        • Includes extensive user's guide [free with this version...]
        • If you don't have either of these Weather 4D programs, buy this one...
        • Does not include the handy Iridium Satellite tracking that was included in previous version Weather 4D Pro, below.
      • Weather 4D Pro [Weather and Routing- Usurped by Weather 4D 2.0, above.]
        • This is the version we started with in Oct-2016
        • Steep initial learning curve
        • Limited support
        • Abbreviated User's Guide you must purchase separately... 
        • Includes real-time Iridium satellite orbit information [helps with planning/optimizing sat comms]
    • Buoy Data Apps [Require internet connection]
    • Predict Wind Offshore App [Weather and routing]
      • Download GRIB files via email
      • Weather Routing, Departure Planning, 
      • GMDSS text forecasts
      • Satellite Imagery
    • Barometer Apps
      • Specifically a recording barometer app e.g., electronic barograph 
      • Device must have barometric sensor in it. 
        • e.g., Beginning with iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 
      • Apps we are currently [May-2016] using/evaluating include: 
    • Tide Apps:
      • AyeTides XL [Tablet version]
      • AyeTides [Phone version]
        • Great tide apps, and the only ones we need [aside from what is built into our Navionics chartplotter charts and OpenCPN...]
        • Integrates with SeaIQ [above]
    • The following apps from Black Cat Systems: [among many others...]
      • NAVTEX
      • HF FAX
        • Both of the above are back-up app for interpreting radio transmissions if our packet radio modem failed
      • Weather Calc [Useful Wx related calculations and conversions.]
      • SWBC Sched [World wide shortwave radio broadcast schedules; e.g., news, weather, etc.]
  • Sharing Computer, MFD, and AIS Screens with Tablets and SmartPhones:
    • Mocha VNC [For viewing Macintosh display on Tablet(s) and iPhones.]
    • GoFree Link [Proprietary device and app for wirelessly mirroring/controlling our MFD (Multifunction display; i.e., chart plotter/RADAR) to Tablets, Smart Phones.]
    • Vesper AIS Watchmate app for controlling/upgrading our AIS Transponder
  • Virtual Documents: [Creating, Sharing, Managing, and Viewing]
    • Genius Scan [Scan, share, print, organize, and encrypt documents]
      • Might replace a printer/scanner for some...
    • Scan to Spreadsheet [Literally...]
    • Goodreader [Robust PDF reader, manager, editor. Other doc formats as well.]
    • Reference:
      • Grog Knots [Best animated knots app...]
      • Boaters Reference [An excellent pocket reference of all things boating...]
      • USCG App [Detailed boating law info, Rules of the Road, and float plan generation and filing.]
      • Wire Sizer [Calculates wire size needed and tracks your wiring projects.]
      • SWBC Sched [World wide shortwave radio broadcast schedule; e.g., news, weather, etc.]
      • Sampson Ropes [Documents and App] 
        • Samson app is a technical rope guide with detailed rope inspection checklists, abrasion evaluations, and a library of splicing instructions
    • Security:
      • Anchor Alarms:
        • Vesper AIS [via Watchmate app]
        • Anchor Alarm built into Aqua Map Marine [above]
        • Anchor! [iOS. I haven't looked for Android version...]
          • Best user interface I've seen so far in a standalone app [Aquamap is now close to a tie...]
          • Works well
          • It will likely replace It has replaced Drag Queen for usability reasons
        • Drag Queen Seems to be deprecated with the iOS 11 update Fall 2017 [Free and robust anchor alarm from Active Captain.]
      • Boat: Siren Marine [Software for using/programming our Siren Marine security device.]
      • Passwords:
        • LastPass [Very secure password manager. Well integrated with phones, tablets, computers.]
    • Travel:
      • MyTSA [Available as stand alone app, or online]
        • For flights originating in US
        • 'Can I Bring?' is what we use most
      • ROAM app [US Customs and Border Protection— US CPB]
        • Becomming the standard method for checking into US waters when arriving from outside the US
          • Sep-2018; now used to check-in when arriving in Alaska
      • Packing Pro 
        • Packing checklist
        • We use for inventory checklists 
          • Ditty and 1st aid bags
          • Ditch bags
          • Etc.
    • Shopping:
      • Shopping Pro [Shopping list manager; We stopped using it in Mar-2017. Too many ads and coupons use too much of our precious cell bandwidth, and slow the app down.]
      • Google Keep [Replaced Shopping Pro Mar-2017]
        • We make separate lists for groceries, hardware, boat parts, checklists, etc. 
        • Great when shopping separately in areas with a cell signal. Check off items as you put them in your cart, and your partner's list is updated so you don't buy duplicates... 
        • We make specialized grocery lists too...
          • e.g., Entertaining a friend with allergies?
      • Paprika [An excellent recipe manager that also maintains food/ingredient inventory and creates shopping lists.] 
        • Highly recommended, but you must use it diligently or inventory will not be accurate...
    • Entertainment[Also see this heading under Computers, above]
      • Books:
        • Kindle App [for reading books- and PDFs too; e.g., manuals] 
          • You can also email PDFs to this app [Think boat manuals...]
          • Syncs with our Kindle eReaders and our tablets and smartphones
          • Unlimited book subscription [30 day free trial]
          • Audible Books [30 day free trial]
          • Librivox [Free audio books read by volunteers...]
          • Bookbub [A free website that tracks discounted and free (even temporary free offers) books by provider, and emails you when they become available. Sign up for your account, list your preferred providers, reading genres, and notification intervals. Donna's Kindle has over 500 books on it, and a majority of them were free.]
          • Overdrive [A free app that allows you to borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and more from your local public library, anywhere, anytime, all you need is a library card, and sign up for a free account.]
        • Music [Use the Music app that comes with your tablet...]
        • Movies:
          • Since we use Amazon Prime for free shipping, we also watch many free movies and catch up on our favorite TV shows. [30 day free trial.]
          • Netflix Streaming
          • Etc.


      You guessed it; we like and use Apple iPhones. [iOS is the operating system that runs on iPhones and iPads.]

      We also keep our older phones that have been replaced over the years, and unlock them so we can use them internationally with SIM cards we purchase as we travel...

      We have a great cell data plan on our smartphones, so one is typically used as a hotspot device [using a cell booster to maximize the signal strength and distance] that is broadcast to all devices on the boat using our WiriePro [See Networking, below...]

      Comparison shop smartphones and plans

      iPhone accessories:
      Cables and 12 volt chargers [3rd party. Apple Certified. 1/4th the price of Apple cables- and they last longer...]

      SmartPhone Software: [See Tablet Software, immediately above, because most iOS apps run on both devices. Exceptions are noted...]

      Printer [and Scanner/ Copier]:

      We wanted a compact printer [B&W and Color], scanner, and copier all-in-one as those are the functions we need traveling internationally.
      However, many may be able to get by with just a document scanning app on their smartphone. [Scan; print; share.] So far our favorite is Genius Scan. [More in Virtual Documents section, above...]
      We ended up with an HP Envy Printer in 2015 [research is warrented when a new printer/scanner is needed...] and couldn't be more pleased [even as of last update to this page...] It is compact, wireless, and works first time every time... And the expendables are reasonably priced. At under US$100 it is hard to beat.

      One thing we have learned over the years [regardless of which printer you have] is to use heavier weight paper [e.g, 24 pound stock instead of the usual flimsy 20 lb stock] for printed documents you will be providing others [e.g., foreign government representatives, etc.] It holds up better while you are transporting it in your shoulder bag, and feels good in the hand of the recipient. [Like letterhead stock does...]

      FAX: [Facsimile]

      For transmitting and receiving faxes, we use the HelloFAX service in a browser on the computer. [We need internet connectivity to send/receive a FAX...]

      HelloFAX is an online service we use on the rare occasion when we need to transmit [or receive] a FAX. Sending is free [limits apply]; receiving requires a small monthly fee, and is something we rarely need to do...

      We keep scanned images of all our ship's papers, passports, credit cards, etc. securely stored [i.e., encrypted] on our phones, tablets, computers, and in the cloud. [Additionally credit cards are all included in a virtual wallet.] It is quick to email, print and/or FAX copies quickly as needed. [e.g., When checking into foreign countries, applying for permits, catastrophic loss of ships papers, wallets, boat, etc.]

      Networking: [Connecting it all together...]

      • We have both a NMEA 2000 [N2K] and a proprietary ethernet network [B&G] our computers can be physically connected to. However, we typically rely on a wireless connection as outlined below. [One exception is also using ethernet with the laptop running OpenCPN for RADAR overlay capability.]
        Wireless: [WiFi or Cell Data for internet access. See our Cellular and WiFi Data page for additional details about the following list.]
      • WiriePro [Unceremoniously ceased operations in summer 2018; Our unit is still fully operational and fulfilling our needs as of last update to this page.]
        • Boat WiFi router (local wireless and guest networks)
        • Cell hotspot with SIM card available via WiFi
        • If we had to replace the WiriePro today [as of latest revision date of this page, above] I would give serious consideration to a Digital Yacht 4G Connect- Pro Model cell modem/WiFi router device.
          • This would cover what we need and use 98% of the time: Cellular data accessed via a WiFi router on the boat. 
          • If we also wanted to duplicate the long distance WiFi capability of the WiriePro [i.e., connect to shore based WiFi signals] we would also get a Digital Yacht WiFi Access System (e.g., the WL510 model) 
            • However, in our present cruising grounds, shore based WiFi sources accessible from the boat are pretty non-existent, so we wouldn't bother adding that capability right away...
      • GoFree WiFi-1 
        • Proprietary WiFi device that allows us to see and control our [B&G Zeus2] chart plotters and RADAR screen from our tablets and smartphones
        • Connected to ethernet network
        • Also see GoFree application under Tablets/Software, above
        • Not required with next gen plotters with built-in WiFi [e.g., B&G Zeus3, etc.]
      • Vesper Watchmate Vision AIS Transponder with built-in NMEA multiplexer
        • This provides all the AIS, GPS, and NMEA 0183 and 2000 data for other applications to use
        • It is subscribed to our WiFi router, so all this data is available to any device on our main WiFi network
        • Great anchor alarm which includes depth, wind, etc.
      • WLAN [Wireless Local Area Network] from a laptop
        • We can set up a local wireless network from any of our laptops if/as needed
      • Cell signal booster [Cradle to enhance signals for cell phone hot spots]

      Additional Resources:
      • Reviews:
      • Sources:
        • Amazon [We often find the best pricing especially when shipping to Alaska is considered...] 
      • Us: [on Denali Rose...]
        • If you find our information worthwhile, please use our link whenever you make purchases from Amazon. [There is absolutely no additional cost to you. Ever. And it is totally anonymous; We never know who made what purchases...] 
        • Thanks for considering this. It does help keep us incentivized to produce and maintain this level of detail... [As much as working for pennies per hour can incentivize anyone, anyway...]
        • See our Support page for additional information


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