January 25, 2016

New Dodger and Bimini with Hard Tops [Updated Jan-2019]

We've been researching DIY options for replacing our 'canvas' dodger and bimini with hard tops using the existing 1" stainless steel frames, and adding a rigid windshield to the dodger. 

Sounds like a great spring 2016 2017 2018 
2019 project, doesn't it?

Following are the current finalists in my order of preference by method, then approach

———— Latest revision: 28-Jan-2019 [by Bill] ————

And the winner is...?   

Using Starboard:

Using prefab FRP [Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic] Panels:

Fabrication from scratch:

Third Party Manufacturers: [A sampling; not a comprehensive list.]

Related Resources:

Materials Research:

I'll keep adding to this list as I find viable resources in an effort to narrow our focus, and as a source of ideas for a possible hybrid approach.

1/2" Starboard formed to match existing dodger frame.
(Photo from Roger Dodger article linked above...)


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    1. Yes, that's because it is Yahtzee's dodger. Hahahaha. Sorry, we didn't label it correctly at first. I hope ours turns out as nice. I'm tired of the leaky old fabric one we have. DH threatened to rip it off and burn it last summer, but I pointed out it was better than nothing..... Now our main sail cover has shredded due probably to stupid birds, and high winds. We aren't on the boat at the moment, so caretaker will be using a tarp and bungees to secure it for now. AND (as usual) the projects just keep stacking up. GEEZ!!


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