September 19, 2020

Friday Funny 09-18/2020 (A Week of Summer)

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This is one of my favorites, as I'm always getting the names mixed up.

Chinook, Coho, Humpy, Chum, Sockeye, which is your favorite?

We went into Sitka for a couple of reasons, top up our fuel, do a grocery shop, specifically to get more fresh green stuff, offload trash, meet some friends, and to have Bill check in with the local hospital for a minor out-patient procedure. 

When you arrive a community by boat, and want to stay in the marina,  you radio the Harbormaster, tell them the length of your boat, whether you'd like power, and water, and how long you expect to stay. In Sitka, there are dock attendants with VHF radios, who assign you a slip, and give directions to navigate to it. When we arrived at our assigned spot, someone was already in it, so they quickly gave us an alternate, which turned out to be closer to the ramp, but also in with the medium to large commercial seiners. It's been an education watching them come, and go, and preparing for the latest fishing opener. 

In most of the marinas we've been in, we've seen a large number of young people, young married couples, and well maintained boats operating in this potentially dangerous, and often financially insecure occupation. We've been impressed with their courteous friendliness, curiosity of our lifestyle, knowledge of their lifestyle, seamanship, and how well cared for their vessels are. As long as the harvest is appropriately maintained, from what we've seen, it will be in good hands. 

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Now I know you're questioning what's up with Bill? He had some minor outpatient surgery last week, and after a couple of days of doctor ordered "house arrest", he is feeling much better. He has his post op checkup this coming week, and some restrictions for the next two weeks, and then should be good to go, well, as much as he was previously anyway. :-)

We've had some beautiful days lately, I guess that's what summer will be this year. Sitka is a beautiful place, and the sunshine enhances it.

Eliason Harbor

The view from the bridge that connects Sitka on Baronof Island to Japonski Island

Castle Hill, this is where the Russians signed Alaska over to the US. Also, the Russian Orthodox Church steeple is in the background.

Gus knows this is not HIS dock, and he's not a fan of the amount of activity that is taking place around him. He's content to sit in the window, and watch from afar.

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September 4, 2020

Friday Funny 09-04/2020 (Roll for the Rocks)


If you've read much on this blog, you know we don't roll the dice to make decisions, it's always safety first. That's how we roll. 😄

Here's the SEAIQ chart of where we are anchored, Denali Rose is the circles. The asterisks are rocks near the shore, no other rocks on the chart are marked. We're good, right?

At high tide:

No rocks anywhere, just like the chart. Let's play a game, safe or not safe?

Here's what's lurking off of the end of the small island we're anchored behind. It looks like a monster.

What looks like a small passageway between the small islands, is definitely a no-go.

This passage around the island looks serene, but lurking just under the surface at low tide are those big boat biters.

Ummm, just no, no going that way around.

Here are the rocks at low tide that ARE on the chart.

They are a safe distance away, even if the wind blows us in that direction, the anchor, and the length of chain will hold.

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