September 4, 2020

Friday Funny 09-04/2020 (Roll for the Rocks)


If you've read much on this blog, you know we don't roll the dice to make decisions, it's always safety first. That's how we roll. 😄

Here's the SEAIQ chart of where we are anchored, Denali Rose is the circles. The asterisks are rocks near the shore, no other rocks on the chart are marked. We're good, right?

At high tide:

No rocks anywhere, just like the chart. Let's play a game, safe or not safe?

Here's what's lurking off of the end of the small island we're anchored behind. It looks like a monster.

What looks like a small passageway between the small islands, is definitely a no-go.

This passage around the island looks serene, but lurking just under the surface at low tide are those big boat biters.

Ummm, just no, no going that way around.

Here are the rocks at low tide that ARE on the chart.

They are a safe distance away, even if the wind blows us in that direction, the anchor, and the length of chain will hold.

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August 28, 2020

Friday Funny 08-28/2020 (Random Doings)

Bill informed me today that it had been a month since I last posted on our blog. My only excuse is: Life. It happens.

Or coffee, or wine, or therapy.....

We've been in, and out of Wrangell several times. We go out for a week or so at a time, and then come back to our slip to offload trash, get mail, and replenish fresh food. 

One of our favorite anchorages is Madan Bay, and we were headed there to wait out some high winds. When we rounded the corner, we saw someone had taken our favorite spot, then we saw the name on the boat, Clementine. They are Heritage Harbor neighbors, and became bay neighbors. We shared some meals, adult beverages, and got to know each other better. Fun surprises.

Since we only have one cat now, and two shark beds, I left one in our cabin, and moved the other one to the cockpit. Gus appears to approve. I thought he might like to be in it while we are underway, but so far he only sits on the cushions, and uses the shark when we're at the dock, or anchor.

We met up with a sister ship- a Nauticat 43 in Anita Bay this past week. Donn was bringing his boat up to Wrangell to place it in his new permanent slip in Heritage Harbor. Raven's Dance is now just across from us. Nauticats Unite, or is that Nauticats Untie? Who else would like to join us?

Raven's Dance in Anita Bay.

I texted this photo of the new neighbor to the owners of Pacifier, they exclaimed, " We match!" Coincidently, the owner of Pacifer used to own a Nauticat. 😁

We're thinking of heading north to commune with the whales, so we won't be back for awhile. And by communing, I mean idle, or anchor, and let them surface, spout, breach, and sing, while we watch from a respectable distance. We're not all about chasing, or interfering with the wildlife. Don't get me started..... I have things I'd say to those whale-watching tour day boats. 

SE Alaska hasn't had many tourists this year, and no cruise ships, so other than a few other personal boats, the only other craft out there is the commercial fishing fleet. While I do have empathy for those who make their living from tourism, (I used to be one of them), we are enjoying SE waters with very few other boats. 

SCREECH.... Hold the presses! After we left the dock:

Gus did get in his shark underway, unfortunately we were transiting in 15- gusting to 25 knots of wind against tide, and current, and he got seasick. It was his worst bout, and now who knows if he'll try it again. I should have gotten the Bonine in him sooner, bad cat Mom. 

Gus is relaxing after his harrowing day.

Also, we didn't go to our favorite whale watching site, we went in another direction, still headed north, but by a different path. Since we don't have a schedule, we're taking our time ducking out of the low weather systems that the Gulf of AK has been throwing at SE Alaska all summer, for the foreseeable future, fall, and the upcoming winter.

Ray Troll says it best: 

Check out his website,, I enjoy his artwork.