April 16, 2021

Friday Funny 04-16/2021 (Spring is Sprung)


My Mother's birthday was April 15th, she always said it was her birthday before it was Tax Day. She had the right's to the day first.  Little known facts; in 1913, tax day was March 1st, then moved to March 15th in 1918, and moved to April 15, in 1955. I didn't know the history until I looked it up on Google recently.

Well, the weather powers must have felt sorry for me after last week's blog post about never-ending winter.  Here are photos from this week.

The view from a grocery store.

I wore my Keen sandals.

Bill installed a new burner in the BBQ.

Gypsy Wind

We met this really nice young couple who charter their 72ft Irwin in SE Alaska, and this will be their second year here. They come from working on luxury yachts, Brittany is a professional chef, and Jonathan has his 100 ton Masters license. They're both very qualified, and their boat is quite beautiful, it even has a hot tub on deck. They left the shrink wrap cover on, so that they could sand, and paint while it was raining, and now they have good weather for paint to dry. Check them out at Gypsy Wind Charters.

This was the week we were supposed to pull Denali Rose out of the water for maintenance. We pushed it forward to April 30, because we thought the weather wouldn't cooperate with us.  Who knew.....

Oh well, Bill has a cold, and needs to rest anyway. We haven't figured out he managed to catch one, we're always masked, we use hand sanitizer in the car after we have touched anything, use wipes on the grocery carts, and wash our hands upon returning home. Crazy. When folks come by Denali Rose to say "Hi", we tell them Bill is ill with a cold, and they scurry like ants running to honey. 

I tried to find a funny cartoon with running ants, but I really don't like bugs, and even looking at cartoons made me woozy. This is one of the reasons I live in Alaska, no snakes, lizards, weird bugs, and I don't have any problem smashing mosquitoes. 

Since spring has decided to take over, the bugs are starting to emerge again. We had a fly onboard the other day, it's time to find where I stowed the bug rackets last fall.

One of my favorite tools on the boat. 💜

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April 10, 2021

Friday Funny 04-09/2021 (Ol' Man Winter)


Full disclosure, I'm going into full whine mode now. I can't believe how hard a grip ol' man winter has on us.  I was walking out to the car to go to my water aerobics class, here's what it was like.

The hill behind the marina parking lot.

I have auto-start on my car, and can start it from the boat to defrost the windshield.

The docks were slushy, and on the verge of freezing, and slick. I refuse to pull my winter boots back out of the closet, so I wore my XtraTuffs, they have great sticky tread, so no falling down. Just in case you don't know what an Xtratuff is, they look like this:

Salmon Sister design on the website.

These boots are fondly called the "Alaskan Sneaker", one year a friend who was visiting us, asked why everyone in Alaska was wearing the same brown boot. The only answer is "cuz". My April 2017 post has more information about boots. 

I grew up in Alaska, and I always wanted the ground to be snow free at the beginning of April for my birthday. Since moving to SE Alaska, the weather is more temperate than further north, and for the last 6 years I have had my wish. That's what makes this year a bit bizarre, with snow so late in the season. All of the Alaska facebook pages have residents posting photos of record snowfall, record low temperatures, memes, cartoons, and everyone whining about how we need spring to show up. My Facebook page keeps showing me "your memories", of blooming flowers at this time of year. The only thing blooming now is Cabin Fever!

Well, that's one answer.

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.