Radios: Marine SSB [w/ DSC] and HAM [Updated Jan-2018]

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This is part of a series describing some of our common boat systems and their operation.

We refer to these often not only for our own use, but also when asked specific questions about systems on Denali Rose, and when participating in discussions on various forums.

We aren't implying our choices are the best or only way to go; they just happen to be the decisions we made [...or sometimes what came with our boat...] and we try to explain why...

And since we are talking about electronics, in the future our choices in this post may become dated and/or obsolete, so we will endeavor to keep this information current regarding what we have and use, and what we are researching/considering for the future.

––––––––– Updated 21-Jan-2018 [by Bill] –––––––––

Marine SSB 
/ HAM [long distance] Radio

Despite having a HAM operators license, I'm no radio expert, but learned everything I needed to know when I installed our ICOM M802 [replacing a functioning ICOM M710] from the following book:

Icom IC - M802 Made Simple for Cruisers: by T L Sparks CDR 

This book also contains a useful section on how to use the DSC function for non-emergency communications; 
Like you may do now with VHF DSC. [In addition to emergency comms of course...]  

For our boating friends with DSC capable SSB/HF Radios:

  • We are using the Global MMSI numbers [VHF and HF/Marine SSB]
  • We have also set-up and programmed our ICOM M802 HF Radio to receive non-emergency, unscheduled [ad-hoc] DSC calls from friends using their identically configured HF radios with DSC capability per these parameters  as modeled and defined by a generous HAM operator (and sailor.)
  • A contact schedule is helpful as we don’t always keep the M802 on, nor are we always within listening distance...  
  • e.g., Send us a Sat SMS or an eMail.  
    • Sat comms require prior permission granted to access our private Contact Info  
    • Or: Send us an email via Contact Us at the bottom of the sidebar =>.

Among many, other good resources include:

How To:

Communication Options:

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