December 16, 2015

How long can we...?

Re: Older USN Salt

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Nobody has said anything to my wife and I about being to old for this life style. So we're planning on the liveaboared lifestyle in a year or two; I'll be seventy-one. I'm watching a lot of Utube videos and reading everything I can find on sailboats. I retired from USN in 1984-22 years, wife still working from the house. We're coming so watch your six.
Welcome aboard, Slooper.

I have no doubt you and your wife will achieve your goal to live the cruising lifestyle. 

Years ago when doing a bottom job on my boat while passing through San Francisco, a steel hulled sloop was set down next to me in the yard.

The yard workers immediately began work removing old, and welding on new zincs. Then an elderly gentleman appeared that same afternoon and started painting the bottom; quickly, quietly, and efficiently. 

During our only conversation he revealed he and his wife had sailed that boat (which he built in Germany) for the prior 30 years. He lost his wife on their 4th circumnavigation, and he was preparing for his 5th; this one solo. 

He was planning to depart later that week- on his 85th birthday. And he did; with no fanfare other than any personal satisfaction derived from keeping to his self-imposed agenda, and the very fond memories of his wife which he couldn't help but express.

I frequently draw upon the encouragement he unknowingly imparted during that fleeting encounter. Observing him absolutely reinforced my long held belief that the majority (if not all...) of our limitations in life are self imposed... and unnecessary at that.

Enjoy the he** out of your adventure. 



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