January 3, 2016

Follow your bliss...

Occasionally we are asked how we achieved escape velocity to begin our cruising plans; how we garnered the understanding of family and friends... [most of whom have no experience with this lifestyle to lend perspective to their understanding of our endeavor...]

Well, it wasn't our goal to achieve any understanding, and we never requested anyone's approval. We just shared our plans and listened carefully, gently assuaging the concerns of a few, and fueling the unrequited wanderlust of others...

To those of you in that phase of planning your new adventure,  I share the following thoughts:

There is no doubt anyone can pursue their dreams. 

However, those who require validation from friends and family before doing so will likely spend their time second-guessing themselves instead of following their bliss. 

Pursue your dreams passionately, appreciating those who encourage and support your path despite their lack of understanding. Politely listen to, and then ignore, the rest...

In the end, remember others are responding to your choices from their perception of what they are capable of, or are willing to risk or attempt; not what you can do...

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