February 19, 2016

Lighten Up!

Bill has been doing all of these somber, (but educational), posts lately. He's documenting our (and I use the term, our, in the loosest of ways, I don't actually do any of the research), research, purchases, installations, (I don't do the purchases or installations either), and outcomes (I do enjoy the outcomes however). Since we participate in several boating forums, he responds to inquiries, and this way he only has to type up our experiences once, and direct people here.

Makes sense, but time to LIGHTEN UP already! ;-)

Cleaning the boat...a never ending job.
Or this:

So you can see what we actually do.
But then there are times,

And if you want to learn about the positions of sail:
Zone of embarrassment means stop, no sailing directly into the wind....physics.

If you have ever been seasick, you need to know this:

Think about it....
We have this also, but not the same:

Don't worry, we will try and avoid this.
This is a fun one, except when you are the one at the helm!
Sh!t happens...
And for you cat owners..(us included):
No CAT 5 for me!
I have many more collected, but I will leave you with this one to ponder: 


  1. Thanks for the great laugh today! I can personally vouch that most all of this is true. I'm still pondering over the last two pictures. . . Christine

    1. I know you can !!

      I belong to a women's sailing forum, and someone asked for a few risque photos of people sailing. These were the least of the triple x rated photos posted.....oh my !!


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