Rain Covers for Portlights [Updated Apr-2019]

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We choose to live in a temperate rainforest climate for now, and consequently we need to keep water out while we let air in.

Our aft cabin [where we sleep] has 4 opening ports [as well as 2 fixed ports on the transom and a hatch overhead.] 

The adjoining cabin [work and laundry room] and head each have one of these same ports.

In 2014 we were lucky enough to find an off-the-shelf product that fit our needs [and ports...] perfectly: Seaworthy Goods PortVisor® [model 23-R.] These units are thermal molded Lexan with UV inhibitors and consequently are very durable, flexible and virtually unbreakable... And the company is very responsive and great to do business with.
It is worth noting our ports are recessed into the cabin sides, and open outward. Therefore they are pretty good at keeping light rain out already...
However, both of these attributes are somewhat unusual; typically ports open toward the inside of the boat. 
We mention this because we had to be extra careful double-checking dimensions of the PortVisors to make sure we could still open the port, and that the drip line of the PortVisor didn't cause any spattering into the open port....
Update Apr-2019: We still couldn't be more pleased. After 5 winters in SE Alaska, the PortVisors are still firmly affixed [using 3m VHB tape only; no mechanical fasteners] and still look brand new- no thanks to any special efforts by us...

Here are 5 photos that are pretty self explanatory... [See the SeaworthyGoods.com website for product details and FAQs...] 

Dry fitting lexan port visor
Dry fitting port visor
Dry fitting lexan port visor
The tape hinge worked perfectly for final positioning

Dry fitting lexan port visor
Showing the open port in its normal latched position [they lock open in this position]
(The drip line just hits lower portion of port, but water does not splash into opening...)
Port visor install completed
Starboard side complete! (Looking forward)

Port visor install completed
Looking aft 
(The black around the port frame is bedding compound which was once painted white for UV protection...)

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