February 21, 2020

Friday Funny 02-21/2020 ( New dodger, bimini, sailcovers, weathercloths, lions, and tigers, oh my!)

I have at least 5 of them...  just in case.

I did it.

Sailrite had a 10% sale last week, and I took the opportunity to buy the supplies for the new dodger, and bimini. I also got some new tools, cuz, you know, new projects need the appropriate tool to get the job done, right? I'm kind of scared of this sewing job, it's a very big one, with a huge probability for the use of seam rippers, cuss words, and frequent head-banging, or maybe I'm just psyching myself out. 

I have a Sailrite machine, and I'm sure I'll need mass quantities of wine before this project is completed.

I spent 4 1/2 hours on Monday, watching the Sailrite how-to video, make your own dodger. Then I watched building a 3 bow bimini, how to use a swing-away binder, how to make side enclosure curtains, zipper shortening, and zipper stops, hints for sewing heavy vinyl, and how to make webbing tension straps. I won't tell you how many other videos I've seen in the past. As long as the internet lasts, it's great to have such a complete resource. I'm using the old enclosure as a pattern, with some adjustments, so I have a basic plan of attack.

dodger (also known as a spray-hood) is a frame-supported canvas (usually with clear vinyl windows) structure partially protecting a helmsman and other occupants of a sailboat from harsh weather and seas. It covers part of the cockpit and the entrance (or "companionway") into the interior of the sailboat. One can usually stand under a dodger and be protected from rain, spray and snow travelling straight down or from the front/fore of the craft. There is little protection afforded from elements moving from aft to fore, but since the boat is usually moving forward or anchored by the bow and therefore facing into the wind this is seldom a problem. A similar type of shelter on a boat, without the forward and side protection, is called a Bimini top. Increased protection for the occupants of the cockpit is possible using a combination of dodgers/bimini tops and dodger extension.

The canvas enclosure on Denali Rose, with front window I replaced two years ago.
I already had a large roll of burgundy Sunbrella fabric that I bought many moons ago to refurbish a sailboat that Bill used to own. (Back when we were dating.) I bought this roll before I had any idea about what I was getting myself into. Sailing, sailboats, oceans, seasickness, cramming everything I own into a living space the size of a small bedroom, all that, and more, I was completely clueless. What a difference a couple of decades make. Yes, I've held onto that roll of fabric for close to 20 years. 😑

The choice was obvious for what color to use, also, the Nutmeg (Carhartt color), that the sail covers are made with, has been discontinued.  And then, because my eyes would hurt, every time I looked at Denali Rose's new burgundy enclosure, I will need to redo, (again), the sail covers, and weather cloths in the burgundy fabric. So in other words, the WHOLE boat needs new burgundy canvas. I'm tired just contemplating it, also my wallet is getting lighter by the moment.  💸💸💸

I just got a notice that my first Sailrite, (as in more than one), order has shipped, and now I already have a new list of things I'll need. Since the sale is over, I'll wait till I've got what I think will be the last order. Dream on...

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