August 24, 2018

Friday Funny 8-24/18 (Whale Pass Rocks)


Seriously, who would name their boat after a disaster, it's like reusing "Titanic".

We recently went through an area on the east coast of Prince of Wales Island called Whale Pass, and we took it slow. It's reassuring to have good charts, and instrumentation to help with navigation.

This is not our main chart on the chartplotter, it's one of the backups with seaiq, on the Ipad at the helm.

Whale Pass behind Thorne Island

I've pointed out some of the rock hazard along the way. The asterisks, and the crosses with dots signify rocks, some of them are visible, some not, and some have surrounding reefs. The red and green symbols show the in channel daymarks, when returning from sea, keep the green on port, (left), and the red on starboard, (right). We went very slow, and had to go through some large areas of bull kelp. Nasty stuff to get wrapped around the shaft or propeller, we could hear the propeller slicing through it like salad. 

North entrance

South entrance

We stayed at anchor for a couple of days, enjoying the sun, and scenery, (the red/black dot beside Mabel Island), and then went out the south entrance.

An extending rock line, only seen at low tide.

This rock wasn't marked with the usual symbols, we had to zoom in on  the chart to see it,  and it would be under water at high tide.

We relied on the charts, the depth transducer, and watched carefully with our eyes, while leaving at low tide helped us to see everything that could be a hazard. As Bill says, "watch out for the hard bits."

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