January 18, 2019

Friday Funny 01-18/19 (Pass the Kleenex Please)

Yes, me, or ... perhaps you.

It starts with a scratchy throat, then the stuffy nose, and coughing, coughing coughing.  I didn't want to eat, I couldn't sleep, nothing got done, including the Friday Funny.

This morning, (strange things do occur), I was the one to get up and make coffee for us. Bill arose from bed, coughing, snorting, and blowing. So you guessed it, now that I am finally on the mend, Bill has got the crud. 

On a recent short errand trip, we learned that this cold is making the rounds in town, and lots of people have it. Yay! The whole town of Wrangell, coughing, snorting, and blowing. Given my recent experiences,  we might need to add an additional barge to take the used Kleenex off of the island.

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January 11, 2019

Friday Funny 01-11/19 (Rain, Snow, Rain)

Politically correct.

Yes, it's here finally. We had snow, more snow, and cooler temperatures.

Because we're in the southern part of Alaska, I was hoping that we'd just skip it this year, but it's Alaska, and snow is usually inevitable.

Day before yesterday, we had some snowfall, and the previous week of cooler temperatures, it got down to 19F. That's above zero, which is far warmer than what we experienced while living in Fairbanks, in interior Alaska. For instance, today in Anchorage, the temperature will be 0F, and Fairbanks will be -23F. I shouldn't whine, today in Wrangell, it is 34F. I've turned into a major winter wimp.

A couple of days ago.

Last night we got more, about 3-4 inches more.

More snow.

I woke up this morning as the ATV snowplow was running down the docks clearing snow. They clear the main docks, but not the individual fingers.

Denali Rose with her snow hat on.

Isn't this cool? You can see the structure of the boat by the patterns of melt and insulation in the snow.

Denali Rose's forward deck.

Bill went out to shovel, I'm shirking because I'm getting over a minor cold. He also drove to town, and did a grocery, and Post Office stop. The marina folks also plowed the parking lot, and some of the sidewalk.

My car, fortunately I have my studded winter tires on, and can get through that berm the plow made behind it.

The refuse cans, I don't think you'll get to them by using the sidewalk.

It's raining now, and expected to do so for the next couple of days, so the snow will be short-lived.

The musical, "South Pacific"
♬ "I'm gonna wash that snow right outta my life."  🎶

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January 4, 2019

Friday Funny 01-04/19 (In or Out?)

Le Conte Glacier

Here we are in another New Year, and for Alaskans, this is when we celebrate being voted into the United States as a full fledged member.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALASKA! On Jan. 3, 1959, President Dwight Eisenhower signed a proclamation admitting Alaska to the Union as the 49th and state. (source)

A member in the  Facebook group known as "My Home is Alaska" posted this famous, (at least to us), front page of the Anchorage newspaper of the time. Soon after, the question was  asked, "who the heck were the 20 who voted against Alaskan statehood?" I'm going to call them out right here...  (source)

Arkansas: (maybe they didn't want AK confused with AR, which happens ALL the time.)
  D-Fulbright, James
  D-McClellan, John
  R-Bush, Prescott
  D-Russell, Richard
  D-Talmadge, Herman
  R Schoeppel, Andrew
  R-Cooper, John
  D-Ellender, Allen
  R-Butler, John
  R-Saltonstall, Leverett
  D-Eastland, James
  D-Stennis, John
New Hampshire:
  R-Bridges, Henry
North Carolina:
  D-Ervin Samuel
  D-Monroney, Almery
  R-Martin, Edward
South Carolina:
  D-Johnston, Olin
  D-Thurmon, Strom
  D-Byrd, Henry
  D-Robertson, Absalom

Another fun fact, is that Texas didn't even vote, neither Lyndon Johnson, nor Ralph Yarborough voted Yea, or Nay. Alaska and Texas have a sort of rivalry going, probably because we are both large states that produce oil.

Size comparison.

We like this representation of the size comparison to Texas, and well, also to the rest of the US. It beats the maps that show Alaska off the coast of Mexico. "Hmm, why is it so cold in Alaska?" The person who believes this, I would classify as not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Common sarcastic image here.

I can hear you say, "OMG, another history lesson, when will she quit!"

It just dawned on me, when Alaskans are visiting the contiguous 48 states, we say, "we're going outside." Everyone here knows that phrase means you're taking a long drive, or getting on an airplane to travel. It doesn't mean that you're opening the front door, and stepping out. 

Maybe we derived that phrase from this news headline, "WE'RE IN", as in, we're inside the State of Alaska versus, outside the state.

If Alaskans are going to Hawaii, we just say, "Hawaii", we go there frequently. 😁🌞🏄🐠

Alaska Airlines, Spirit of the Islands plane. 

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