November 16, 2019

Friday Funny 11-15/19 (Who Wins the Box?)

Elsie hasn't been feeling well lately, so we put a heating pad underneath of the box that sits next to the heater vent. She has been monopolizing the box because Gus didn't know the pad was there. He recently found out.

Another water bowl close by, to make life easier.
Cat face-off, who will out stare the other for the rights to the warm box.

Gus won, but he didn't play fair, he bapped Elsie on the head with his paw. Not very gentlemanly of him.

I don't think he looks very contrite here, do you?

Elsie ends up on her sheepskin on the settee.

So now when Elsie needs to curl up in the box, we distract Gus with a toy, outside time, extra chin scratches, and by the time he turns around, Elsie is all snuggled up, and warm.

Warm, and comfortable, it's a cat's life.

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