August 3, 2018

Friday Funny 8-3/18 (More fun in the sun)

"HEY Dad, can I ring the ship's bell NOW?"

In the last couple of weeks, we had a great time exploring new areas south of Wrangell Island. We couldn't have asked for better weather either. We had over 2 weeks without rain, and hardly any clouds. That is an awesome accomplishment for the nation's largest rainforest. 

Bradfield Canal. That's a small unnamed glacier at the top of the mountain.

Those of you from warmer climes would probably laugh at us, but we were HOT! The temperatures during the day were 70-85F, and it cooled down at night low 70s. We tried to keep all the hatches wide open, and at least one fan on during the day, but even then, inside Denali Rose was 80s to 90F. 

Warming for the day.

I took that photo to show that it was already 81F inside at 8:26 in the morning. The cats just lazed around and napped all day. They had no interest in playing in the heat, and rotated their resting places as the sun, and boat moved. 

Can you see Gus in this photo?

There he is! Hiding behind the line duffle.

Bill took the opportunity while we were at anchor to reorganize the cockpit lazerettes, (compartments for storage on a boat), and Gus decide that was his opportunity to find a new place to nap. Elsie took whatever she could find to stay out of the sun.

In the cockpit

In the salon, notice she is cozied up to the battery powered bug paddle.

Lower dinette.

We enjoyed company every morning when the tide went out and exposed a sandbar behind us. 

The "gang".
We usually awoke to the sound of seals barking, and had our coffee watching them as they sunbathed. I counted about 20 of them every morning, and as the tide came back in, they would slip back into the water.

Forward view into Bradfield Canal.

Aft view with the afternoon breezes, and tide in.
The view was even spectacular at night

Full moon

We're back in Wrangell, with town chores, and reprovisioning to accomplish. Bonus information:
I"M WALKING without aids, well mostly. I'm carrying my cane with me just in case, it feels like my security blanket now that I've had it so long. I told my physical therapist, that I borrowed the cane from, I would have it back to her by September 1, so the separation anxiety must be overcome. 

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  1. Weather that warm must be a real treat for you. Soak it up while you can. Your cats have the whole thing figured out.

    Congratulations on your recovery.

    1. I did love the weather, but I was ready for a day or two of rain, as was most of Southeast. Napping in the sun does seem like a good idea doesn't it? Thank - you for the congrats, I feel like I have just learned how to walk, all new exercised muscles are telling me so.

  2. Hi - Hope all is well and Donna's leg and PT is going great. The photos are beautiful - too much for us to see in one season. Hope to see you again; maybe down south?

    Ron Risden

    1. I'm doing great, thanks. You needed to be here this summer, it's been fabulous. Maybe down south sometime in the future.....


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