August 10, 2018

Friday Funny 8-10/18 (Adventure delayed)

Well, some of them anyway.

It's was number two I laughed at, but plans change.  

We had some weather systems coming in, mainly wind, and heavy rain, and we were getting ready to depart the marina. We were supposed to rondezvous with our friends on Pacifier, Susie, and Dan, in a bay on Prince of Wales Island, but they texted that they were coming in because of the weather. The power boaters were all heading for the marina, and we were going out in it. (That doesn't apply to the commercial fishing fleet, those guys go out in anything.)

While my brother, and sis-in-law were here, we had glass calm waters, and they were grateful for that, but I've found that over the last year, I've gotten better at being okay with some "sporty" weather. I used to be very stressed by it, and now, I cope much better, it's almost fun. 

We left the marina, and headed over to the fuel dock to fill up. A BIG, LOUD alarm went off, and it was one we hadn't heard before. Bill went below to the pilothouse to check the gauges, and he came back up, and said the engine was overheating. We were almost to the fuel dock, so we continued to motor there anyway to fill up. While I held the fuel hose, Bill went below to look in the engine room, and in a few minutes, came back up with a toasted belt, and he had already replaced it with a spare.

Shredded belt.

I'm thinking that was an easy fix, I love it! We finished filling both diesel tanks, started the engine, and got ready to head out. As Bill was untying dock lines, the engine started to overheat again, rats, not the easy fix. We slowly motored back to our slip in Heritage Harbor to suss out the problem. 

The next day, Bill started by cleaning out the bilge, look what he found.

The top side

The bottom side, and rubber ring

I don't have all the technical jargon, but short explanation is that the water pump has an unused hose, and this was the plug for it. It got caught in the belt, and both got chewed up. (Or something like that.) Bill can do the rest of the story, I could never do justice to the full technical explanation. He might add his two cents worth to this later. 

No crutches 🚯allowed.
I'm throwing the crutches overboard! Not really. They're not mine, and I need to return them to my niece. For now, they'll go into storage, and I'll figure out a way to get them back to her. I'm sooooo glad to be done with that! (knock on wood)

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