August 11, 2016

Preparing to go south... [Or: South is relative...]

We have enjoyed a summer in central interior Alaska, but that entails being away from the boat. [However, the 24 hr daylight makes it a bit easier to be away...]

We had to prepare our modest Fairbanks home for sale, and have now found the new owner. 

Now to get back on the boat and get back to our chosen lifestyle... [and build a cabin on Wrangell Island on our awesome tent site...]

Our crew heard we are preparing to move further south again, and while they hate the commute, they enjoy the results...

Perhaps out of misinformation or misunderstanding, Gus, our junior crew member, thought it best to start working on his tan since everyone knows it is typically sunnier the further south you go...
 [And we are loosing almost 10 degrees of latitude after all...]

Gus in the morning sun under his birdie bait station... which he says he will miss...
But we refuse to feed any birds near the boat... something he doesn't understand...

Elsie, on the other hand, is her usual nonplussed self about it... [in a North-American feline sense...]  

Elsie claiming she doesn't require a tan... 

As for the rest of the crew, we just go with the flow, which is south, and soon we hope, as this is what it looked like in Fairbanks the end of September last year:


We hope to see you on the water soon...


  1. Congrats on finding a buyer for the house!! Looking forward to reading about your updates as you move back onto the boat. Keep the cute pics of the crew coming - they're adorable :-)

    1. Thank you, Ellen.

      This was 2 years in the making... [with most of that time spent on the boat...]

      Our trip south is fairly straight forward: drive 12-14 hours to get to Haines, Alaska; board the ferry [with vehicles...] and arrive in Wrangell ~24 hours later. [Here is our trip south from last year- part of our progression.

      The crew is pretty photogenic, aren't they? We keep gently denying their request for cell phones as we wouldn't be able to cope with all the resulting selfies...

      Cheers! Bill


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