August 11, 2014

Getting to know Wrangell Alaska 99929

Since we don't have one of our [land] vehicles in Wrangell yet, we mostly walk everywhere.  This has provided us with opportunities to see the town at a slower pace, and meet people.

The census says that Wrangell's population is 2300, and the 3 harbors have 1500 slips. The commercial fishing fleet is alive and well.  We walk to the main street, which is about a mile away to go to the hardware store, the grocery store, and the post office.  We found out that the grocery store will give us a ride back to the harbor with our purchases.  How cool.

Post Office and Totem

Chief Shakes Island and Tribal House
Just out of town, the petroglyphs...

Killer whale?

We have had fun reading the signs, seeing the sights, and enjoying the local sense of humor.

Drug Store [Green sidewalk billboard advertises Little Burro, one of our favorite places to eat]
Lupé, proprietor of Little Burro- Best Mexican food in Wrangell! [Just to the right of the Drug Store photo, above...]

Halloween Day in Wrangell

Protecting property?

We rented a car one day, and drove out on the logging road as close as we could get to our property. After parking, we hiked till we reached an un-fordable creek, and had to hike back.
logging road

Our property is down in the grove of trees.
We have a small bay in front of us, so we went around by water in Denali Rose, to see what it looks like from the water side.
Almost to our bay.

Our neighbor on the far left side of the bay.

Our property up into the woods on the right side of the bay,  but before the clear cut area.
We had fun exploring nearby bays and waterways in August.
Madan Bay
I tried my hand at fishing for the first time in Madan Bay, and I really wanted to catch a halibut. I had just put in my line with a piece of herring as bait, into the water, and I could feel something bumping into it.  I jerked on the pole, in order to set the hook, and started reeling it in.  I saw that it was something white, and thought "oh yay, I have a halibut."  It was not to turned out to be a baby shark, and he had wound the line around his tail as well as being hooked.  Bill went to get his gloves and a knife to release him, but by the time Bill got back, the shark had bit the line and released himself.  Big problem.... he still has the hook in his mouth connected to the halibut rig, and the large weight.  The shark went right to the bottom with $15.00 with fishing gear, and probably died there due to all of the gear. Sorry.
Best picture I could get while hanging onto the fishing rod.
Berg Bay:
There is a public use cabin in the woods on the right.

Looking out towards Eastern Passage

Looking East at Wrangell from Zimovia Strait
...and the reciprocal view from Wrangell (looking West)

Looking South down Zimovia Strait from Wrangell

Alaska State ferry at dock on left, and small eco-cruise ship on right.

Painted mural on water front.
Heritage Harbor looking West (Denali Rose's mast appears tallest- center of photo...)

Even though I haven't spent much time in town yet, I have really enjoyed meeting the warm friendly people.  I look forward to learning more about my new home port.

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