January 11, 2019

Friday Funny 01-11/19 (Rain, Snow, Rain)

Politically correct.

Yes, it's here finally. We had snow, more snow, and cooler temperatures.

Because we're in the southern part of Alaska, I was hoping that we'd just skip it this year, but it's Alaska, and snow is usually inevitable.

Day before yesterday, we had some snowfall, and the previous week of cooler temperatures, it got down to 19F. That's above zero, which is far warmer than what we experienced while living in Fairbanks, in interior Alaska. For instance, today in Anchorage, the temperature will be 0F, and Fairbanks will be -23F. I shouldn't whine, today in Wrangell, it is 34F. I've turned into a major winter wimp.

A couple of days ago.

Last night we got more, about 3-4 inches more.

More snow.

I woke up this morning as the ATV snowplow was running down the docks clearing snow. They clear the main docks, but not the individual fingers.

Denali Rose with her snow hat on.

Isn't this cool? You can see the structure of the boat by the patterns of melt and insulation in the snow.

Denali Rose's forward deck.

Bill went out to shovel, I'm shirking because I'm getting over a minor cold. He also drove to town, and did a grocery, and Post Office stop. The marina folks also plowed the parking lot, and some of the sidewalk.

My car, fortunately I have my studded winter tires on, and can get through that berm the plow made behind it.

The refuse cans, I don't think you'll get to them by using the sidewalk.

It's raining now, and expected to do so for the next couple of days, so the snow will be short-lived.

The musical, "South Pacific"
♬ "I'm gonna wash that snow right outta my life."  🎶

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  1. You don't even know what a winter wimp is. It got down to 68 degrees on the boat here in La Paz and Melissa and I are wearing socks. Socks!

    1. I humbly relinquish my title to you, and Melissa. It's 34F, and neither Bill nor I have socks on.
      P.S. Bill is wearing shorts.


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