Long-term Plans?

Cruising: 1) Fixing your boat in exotic locations. 2) Waterborne pleasure journey embarked on by one or more people. It may be considered successful if the same number of individuals who set out on it arrive, in roughly the same condition they set out in, at some piece of habitable dry land, with or without the boat...    (Sailing Pocket Dictionary by Henry Beard & Roy McKie)  
We are often asked what our cruising plans are... [Cruisers typically don't really like plans, but must plan...]

 Plans are best written in the sand at low tide...

We executed the first part of the plan, and that took the better part of 3 years: define/decide on the next desired cruising vessel [2011-12], then find and purchase one. [2012-14] Next, execute the exit plan from the working world and then relocate the new [to us...] boat to Wrangell, Alaska. [2014]


Why Wrangell? For one reason, we decided to buy 4 acres on the island and would like to build a cabin/workshop in the future. It is also the official home port for Denali Rose... We aren't sure which came first...

What's next? All along we have intended to spend some time [2+ years?] exploring all the nooks and crannies of the Inside Passage of Alaska and Canada. We explored some of the southern portion while transiting our new boat from Seattle to Wrangell the summer of 2014.

Then we laid the boat up for winter in a harbor in Wrangell while we tended to preparing our home in Fairbanks, Alaska for sale or possibly a rental.

We intend to resume exploring Southeast Alaska in spring 2015. Probably the central and northern portions. But again, who knows?

We haven't had time to consider where we might want to go after that, but Southwest Alaska is high on Bill's list... [He spent 20+ years boating in all seasons in Prince William Sound, which is in South- Central Alaska...]

After that, perhaps we will be ready for the Aleutian Islands and the Bering Sea, or perhaps by then we will run out of heating oil and head for a warmer climate... [i.e. head south... ]

We just don't know yet... (nor do we need to...)

As we like to tell others who ask, "We have no plans, and we're sticking to it!"

Tell us your plans...

Wouldn't it be fun to send yourself an email from the future to see how well you did with your predictions and plans from the past? [Consider adding the link to this blog in your future email and returning to let us know how you fared...]

Please Stand-by; we are awaiting our message from the future...

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