Intro: Stuff we have and use [and do...]

We are always eager to learn from others about their specific ways of doing things and what products and services they like and use.

We also like using our blog as a notebook for ourselves to supplement our logs and voluminous onboard document library [Fourteen 3 inch three-ring binders full of product documentation, as-built system schematics, notes, etc. and counting.... And the first binder is just the the index...]

Consequently, we need an abridged, online reference for our own use, and for sharing with others. 

This page is an example of this; we created it principally for our own use, but we make it available to anyone who may be interested.

Therefore we have started adding Pages to this blog to document various systems, services, and items we have and use. [Pages are like web pages, vs. blog Posts— which become burried in the chronological history of blog posts...] 

Examples of Pages include the buttons across the top of our blog:

The reason we decided to use Pages is, since they are not blog Posts, they won't get buried in the chronological archive. Instead, they will always be out in the open. 

We will use Pages for documenting items to be accessed routinely that do not benefit from a chronological archive, and Posts for news, information, travel stories and the like that may only be read once [or occasionally] and lend themselves to being archived in a timeline... 

Since we have been publishing this type of information in blog Posts, we will also be converting some of those archived Posts into Pages, and noting this on the original blog Post [for reference for future readers...]

One trade-off for using Pages is subscribers to our blog will not be automatically notified when we publish a new Page, even though they will continue to be notified of new blog Posts... 

Another trade-off was perhaps best explained in our Prologue: [written in 2014]

PS: Some of our posts are about products and/or services we opt to use or jettison in the moment. None of our choices are motivated by anything other than our objective reasoning [and occasionally rationalization and discount pricing...] at the moment of need [or desire...]

This type of post simply represents a synopsis of how and/or why we arrived at a decision to spend [what little remains of...] our money...

The final trade-off is, while Pages will still show up in search results, they will not when you click on specific Topic in the side-bar. 

So, you will have to peek at the blog on occasion to see what new Stuff we may have added or updated. And, as with this post, we may also Post once in a while if we feel there may be a general interest in a recently published Page about Stuff...

We are placing this growing list of Stuff we have and use in the right hand column  

We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions for improving this approach, topic suggestions, and to our ongoing assimilation of all the great information shared by so many other boaters.

Stuff we have and use [and do...]: 

  ➛ ➛ From our list of Stuff we have and use [and do...] in the right sidebar ➛ ➛   

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