We started this blog at the urging of family [mostly Donna's...] and [our indulgent] friends [but very few at that; we cannot in good conscience hold them all accountable...] It will undoubtedly stupefy many of you who don't know us [and most of you who do...] leaving you unfulfilled and wondering why...

In fact, since a majority of our landlubber friends and family may not be as familiar with boating [or the ensuing lifestyle] as, say our boating friends, we will attempt to write in a voice accommodating everyone; risking an outcome that may not be palatable to anyone...
1) Anyone on board who wishes he or she were not. 
2) Anyone on board who shouldn’t be.  
Consequently, we will be surprised if we ever achieve a readership that exceeds double digits. [Yes, we firmly believe we can get to low double digits by taking advantage of the good graces of family and friends...]  But a large following is not our goal; nor is a literary prize. [We may yet achieve notoriety, however...

This is simply our effort to keep track of ourselves and a few of our projects along the way. [Who knows? This may well serve as a viable source of remorse in our twilight years...]

Many of you may ask why [or what is] a blog? Why use a technically antiquated approach instead of other popular social media of the times? 

Well, besides being somewhat socially antiquated ourselves, we believe in a lifetime responsibility for our drivel- something that can only be accomplished if one retains ownership... 

Besides, given the nature of our cruising habits, we probably won't be online often enough to keep up with all that snappy repartee...  Heck, our commenters might even surmise we are ignoring them, or worse yet, think that we just don't care... [and they could be right either way...] 

Basically, we have learned not to take ourselves too seriously...

Perhaps summarized our choices in a sadly better way than we ever could:

Social Media: If the unexamined life is not worth living, it's certainly not worth broadcasting online 24 hours a day.

Get the shirt!

Since we began this blog [way] after-the-fact [we were too busy and selfish with our time when we first started this adventure to blog...] the first few posts are our attempt to catch-up [and consequently, they will be unmercifully longer than our goal of brief, spontaneous posts... you should hope anyway...] And, just for fun, we will occasionally fake the timeline by back-dating posts so they appear in some semblance of actual chronological order. [We also do this because while we realize we cannot challenge you intellectually, we can keep you on your toes...]

Warning: Just when you thought you finally waded through all the posts in a given month, you may find new ones mysteriously appearing in that same month when you next visit... Arrg! You say... [That is, of course, assuming you come back... Otherwise, you can ignore this warning...]
The future ain't what it used to be... [...or in this case: ain't what it was when you were here last...] (Yogi Berra, et. al.) 
Thank you for visiting, tolerating, commiserating, and understanding.

Enjoy [or not...]         

Bill  [June 2014]

Want one of these prints?

PS: Some of our posts are about products and/or services we opt to use or jettison in the moment. 
None of our choices are motivated by anything other than our objective reasoning [and occasionally rationalization and discount pricing...] at the moment of need [or desire...]

This type of post simply represents a synopsis of how and/or why we arrived at a decision to spend [what little remains of...] our money...



  1. Just the facts Friday, just the facts.....I find your site to be refreshing.


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