November 25, 2016

Friday Funny 11/25 (Thanksgiving)

Issues, yes, issues.
I thought this was funny, and I laughed out loud, but I have a weird sense of humor. We're also going into the season, (as Maxine puts it), where we eat candy out of socks.

How true is this? 

After Bill's post about a boat Thanksgiving, here's what we really ate.

We put our turkey breast out on the BBQ in a specialized smoker bag. We found it onboard Denali Rose in the cookware locker, who knows when, or where we got it.... (the mind slips sometimes).

Smoker pellets built into the bag.

Instead of the usual sweet - sweet potatoes, we like to jazz it up with something different. Our recipe calls for chipotles in adobo sauce, hot and spicey.

Bill made his own version of cranberry sauce. I don't like the canned type, and I never really liked the homemade kind my Mom put together, she had a thing about sugar, (don't ask about the carob birthday cake...shudder), but I must admit Bill's recipe was good. He has converted me to liking cranberry sauce, but then, as usual, Bill cooks great food.

Steamed broccoli, with jalapeno ranch dressing, and a cut tomato rounds out the meal, and of course we left room for pumpkin pie and ice cream. We had to buy the pie at the store, since the oven is "under construction", but it was still tasty, and we managed to make room in the freezer for some ice cream. What a treat!

No MRE, no turkey spam, and we didn't need the big knife set to cut our meat. The turkey was moist, a bit smokey, and delicious. We need to remember where we acquired the bag, and buy some more. Google here we come.


  1. I love that first cartoon! Your Thanksgiving spread looks like it was delicious. I like the idea of smoking a turkey. I've had those for Christmas, but never for Thanksgiving. I love the flavor that smoking gives the meat.

  2. We hope your Thanksgiving was as delicious. One summer back in "land life", we had a real smoker, and smoked cornish game hens, pork chops, Hillshire farms sausage, prime rib, and just about any meat. We put it all in vacuum sealed bags, and froze it. It made for a delicious winter.


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