October 28, 2016

Friday Funny 10/29 (Halloween)

My hero...
I identify with Maxine cartoons, they fit my warped sense of humor.

As a child in Alaska, I always wanted to experience Halloween without cold and snow. It's hard to have a costume on over your puffy snowsuit, and it's difficult to see with a mask on, especially when your breath fogs up your glasses.

Here in Wrangell, there isn't any snow yet, and the weather forecast is for rain and 46 degrees. The Chamber of Commerce has already had a "Pumpkin Patch" party, with a costume contest, and they have arranged for Trick or Treating downtown. Just another fun event in our small town.

Should I go?
I don't have a couch, but on the boat, I have what is called a settee, and outside deck lights. I do however, have my boxed wine, and my Maxine bunny slippers.


  1. Love those slippers! We will have exactly 1 trick or treater this year. I'm prepared for her. No porch light necessary. I kind of miss the trick or treaters. We have never had any in our neighborhood. It's too dark, and there are no sidewalks.

    1. We never had trick or treaters at our home in Fairbanks either. Too far out of town, and too long a driveway. When I lived in a big apartment complex, hundreds of kids in buses would be dropped off. I would sit by my open door, and hand out candy till it was gone.

      These slipper aren't very practical on the teak floors in the boat, too slippery, but I haven't wanted to give them away yet. Maybe I could do something to add non-skid to the bottoms.

  2. I love the slippers!! The kids are adorable, especially the one on the shark costume. We don't get trick-or-treaters where I am, which is kind of a shame.

    1. Yes, I doubt anyone would come to our marina to trick or treat. I don't even know if there are any other people living on their boats here. It is mostly commercial fishing boats, and personal boats that are closed up for the winter.


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