December 31, 2018

Wringing out 2018...

As we close out 2018, we are humbled (and more than a little confused) that you (yes, all 3 of you— you know who you are...) chose to stop by over 100,000 times to spend some quality time with us on our blog... 

(We don't know why either...)

We never anticipated having such an opportunity to disappoint you so many times— even though we cautioned ourselves from the very beginning:

(From our Prologue in 2014)

...We will be surprised if we ever achieve a readership that exceeds double digits. (Yes, we firmly believe we can get to low double digits by taking advantage of the good graces of family and friends...)  But a large following is not our goal; nor is a literary prize. (We may yet achieve notoriety, however...) 

This [blog] is simply our effort to [try to] keep track of ourselves and a few of our projects along the way. (Who knows? This may well serve as a viable source of remorse in our twilight years...) [
And perhaps it will for you as well...?] 

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude (and condolences...) 

We resolutely promise to remain as obtuse, whimsical, and inconsistent as you have come to expect...

Happy New Year from the Crew of Denali Rose!


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