December 14, 2018

Friday Funny 12-14/18 (Galley Experiments)

I tried.

You might remember my recent post about our oven not working, and I hinted at trying to "bake" cookies on the induction plate instead. Here's the result of my experiment.

Supplies gathered

I bought pre-made cookie dough for a couple of reasons, one, since I haven't been baking, I don't have any baking ingredients onboard, and two, it was easy. My 20/20 hindsight says, starting out with chocolate ships, (haha, I mean chips), in the frying pan wasn't a good idea.

I put some high heat spray oil in the pan, and because cookies are baked at 350 degrees, I set the induction plate to that temperature. Another 20/20 hindsight... too hot.

No eating raw dough

I cut up the cookie dough into 16 semi-equal parts, and placed half in the heated pan. Bill called to me, "Hey I smell something hot! Are you cooking?"

What he smelled were the chocolate chips burning in the too hot pan. I quickly turned down the heat, opened the overhead hatch wider, and turned on the fan. It wasn't the delicious smell of cookies baking that we all know, and love.

Semi cooked cookies, burnt chocolate chips.

Yum, doesn't that look appetizing? Um, NOT. It looks like burned sausage patties. 

Uncooked cookies, cooked cookies. Do you want to eat either one? I thought not.

Then, when I used the spatula to lift them out, trying to keep them in cookie shape, they just fell into crumbles. Now it looks like a plate of burnt hamburger. 😑

Try again.

Lower heat setting.

I turned the heat way down, added the dough, and put a lid on it. I was thinking that they might "bake"inside the pan. I checked on it quite frequently, and probably lifted the lid too often.

Slightly baked cookies.

This was sort of working, but flipping the cookies over just made a crumble mess again. The difference this time, is that they're not burned.

That's how the cookie crumbles. 😁

Bill says they would make good topping for ice cream. That may be true, but our freezer is so full of meat, that there isn't any room for ice cream.

We had dinner the other night on a neighbor's boat, and he has a large back deck freezer on his trawler. We brought ice cream for dessert, and we didn't eat it all, so the remainder is still in his freezer. Our neighbor spends about 2 weeks a month here in Wrangell, he's our traveling vet, and he has left for his land home in Juneau, for the holidays.

Shhhh, we could, perhaps sneak onboard, and .....

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