October 19, 2018

Friday Funny 10-19/18 (What, Where, Why)

Blogging about blogging, I can't wait to see what I'm thinking. 😁

When we first started this journal, we thought this would be a good way for friends, and family to know where we were going, and that we were okay. Yes, I think we are accomplishing that, but it has become much more.

The important part keeps track of our upgrades to the boat, the parts, and pieces, as well as the thought process behind the, what we did, and why we did it. Those are recorded in the right side bar under, Stuff we have, and use, Bill writes those. This column has been useful as an online reference not only for us, but to use as a referral when others ask questions. We're keeping up the tradition of Denali Rose's previous owners, they kept fourteen 3 ring binders of all receipts, documentation, user manuals, boat spares, napkin doodles, and anything related to the boat. It was impressive. Thank you Jack, and Susan, (known as Fred). We still have them, but we don't store them on the boat.

I realize you might think I' referring to Jack, and Fred, I'm not, You can't fix crazy is for Bill, and Donna.

I once read a blog post from someone I respect, and she said she was done with blogging. She said she was bored with it, and also, she was bored with reading sailing blogs. They were always; I went here, saw that, went there, did that, and she was tired of it. I decided that I would try to avoid writing that way, after all, who wants to sit through someone's vacation photos, and their monologue about what they did.

That said, here's what we did. 😉

Gluttons for punishment, we decided to go back down Rocky Pass, and head back to Wrangell. Bad weather rising. 🎶🎵This time the skinniest water level was 7foot. Denali Rose draws 6 1/2, and we measure the water level from the bottom of the keel, so 7 foot under the keel, still a bit close for comfort. We spent a night at anchor at the mouth of the pass, and the next morning headed for the home slip. We had calm seas, some wind on the nose, against the current all the way, and major fog. Yay for radar! It was a 9 hour motor..... Gus was glad to get it over with.

Can't see sh@%.

We're safe and secure in our slip now, awaiting the major rain, and 40-45 knot winds that's been predicted. Frankly I was surprised that it didn't start while we were on the way back in, weather often happens earlier than what is expected. I didn't voice that out loud... no jinxes.

Last night, we were sound asleep, (secure, and listening to the rain on the roof, so soothing), We were startled awake by our new NEST fire/CO2/carbon monoxide monitors, yelling at us that the carbon monoxide levels were at dangerous levels. 

These new smoke alarms have all kinds of great features, they last 10 years, talk instead of alarm, have an app on your phone, more sensitive than conventional, and they communicate with each other. We have 3 of them installed, one forward, mid, and aft.

The Nest in the aft cabin was advising us that there was carbon monoxide in the living room, actually the pilothouse, we have to go with their preprogrammed labels.  Bill went out and opened hatches right away to get clean air before investigating. It was frightening to hear the device saying that the carbon monoxide was at dangerous levels, and the red light pulsing. All is well however, turns out that the house batteries, which were being charged by shore power, were giving off hydrogen, and it was a false positive for carbon monoxide. It's interesting that the conventional smoke alarm in the engine room didn't go off, we have had it do the same thing in the past, but with the hydrogen at much higher levels. 

We do have a fresh air vent into the battery compartment, but we could use some more positive air flow when charging, and equalizing the batteries.

The Nest.
We're going to get some projects done while we are tied to the dock, there's always something to work on. I'm going to get ready for Christmas, yes, it's early. I'm going to get my shopping, my decorating supplies, my wrapping, cards, and ordering done, and loaded on the boat. You'll be happy to know I have a really great gift for Bill, and it's already wrapped and stored. I'm hoping to spend the holidays onboard with Bill this year. (knock on wood) The next time I have the privilege of spending Christmas with my brother, and his family, I want it to be more fun for everyone.

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.


  1. You know my thoughts... as expressed in our Prologue, above...


    1. HaHa..... and a thank-you shout out to the few who actually read this!


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