July 9, 2018

Friday Funny on Monday 7-9/18 (No Wifi)

No wifi all week, and my family ARE nice people.

There wasn't a Friday Funny last week, maybe you noticed.... maybe you didn't.

We hosted my brother, and his wife onboard with us for a week, while Southeast Alaska was experiencing exceptional weather. Everyone discussed the itinerary, and made the command decision to skip the 4th of July festivities in town, and get off of the dock to enjoy days at sea, and nights in scenic bays. That meant no wifi, and I wasn't organized enough to have pre-written a blog post set to automatic upload. You might have been disappointed, (or not), but we had a great cruise. 

Leaving Wrangell behind.

We did a mini tour of the north end of Prince of Wales Island, and poked into some bays that we had never been in before. We spent one night in Red Bay, (where a local commercial crabber gave us SIX fresh caught dungeness crabs), and one night in Labouchere Bay. We also toured inside of Point Baker, and Port Protection, just to see the scenery. On the way back to Wrangell, we set anchor in St John Harbor, one of the best places we've found for beautiful sunsets.

Watching and photographing the sunset.

The sunset while we were anchored in St. John Harbor.

My brother took a morning to kayak around.

Enjoying the solitude, and birds.

All too soon we had to take them back to town to catch their flight for the next part of their vacation. Thanks for joining us, and sharing our experiences.

The cure for the internet, leave the marina!

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  1. It looks like you had a fabulous time despite the lack of wifi :-)

    1. We did enjoy the family visit, the food, and the weather!


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