June 22, 2018

Friday Funny 6-22/18 (Maintenance- Boat and Me)

Don't you think that would be cool? Imagine having a work team come and take over all of the household chores that you put off for someday, unfortunately, I don't think that's a possibility with a boat. Most owners I know, do almost all of their own maintenance, or mechanical work, and only have a few tried, and true experts come to do specific jobs. You have to trust your boat, and it's parts, and pieces with your life, so it's more serious than someone messing up a part of your house.

While I was gone in Anchorage for my doctor's appointments, Bill did quite a few of the chores we have on priority. You have to put your jobs in an ordered list, or you'll get bogged down with what's next. 

We had teak framed bug nets on the hatches in the main salon, you unlatch them, and swing them down to open the hatch.

Bill changed them out for these new shade, and netting hatch covers. They slide open to access the hatch opening, slide the netting across, or slide a cover over the entire thing. Pretty slick.

I know we just got a new Espar heater and controller, but now we have a newer new controller. This one you can set to temperature. [And it interprets diagnostic codes from the heater and provides clues in English...]

He was also working on running the new wiring for the solar panels he installed last summer, not quite done yet, but in progress. 

While new projects are being completed, alternate issues always make themselves known. I was doing laundry, hanging up the clothes to dry in the work room, and something dripped on me. I looked at my arm, and it was some kind of red liquid. Eeek Blood! No, not that... silly me. Bill came, and said that it looked like hydraulic fluid from our steering column. Wrangell has had temperatures in the 80's this last week, (WHAT!?! Yeah, Alaska southeast rainforest has hot weather....), and he thought the line had burped from the heat. 

The ceiling in the workroom, under the steering pedestal.

Overhead in the workroom, he jammed an oil absorbent cloth around the line, to see how much, or if it would leak again.

The steering pedestal.
Then he took the back off of the pedestal, looked in for more leakage, found some, mopped it up, and now we'll wait to see if there is more. It's important to keep steerage, for obvious reasons....

Bill even took time out to make some cat videos. Who doesn't like cat videos?

"I can jump in"

"I can jump out."

That's all good news, Denali Rose getting more new stuff... now for the bad news.

I was going to be in Anchorage for 3 days, and ended up with 8. My surgeon sent me to another doctor,  a foot and ankle specialist. After more x-rays, and a cat-scan, we're still not quite sure what the problem is. They sent me home, with instructions to put my post-surgery boot back on if it relieves the pain, and try to put as much walking weight on it as pain allows. They see some bone loss in the ankle that concerns them, possible minute cracks, and need me to weight bear on it to increase bone mass. The ankle/foot doctor will call me in about a month, and see how I'm doing. 

Here's to MORE bone, LESS pain. 

Bring on the vodka, Grey Goose please! (maybe with a few green olives in it, oh well, just make me a dirty martini.)

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  1. So sorry to hear that you're still having issues with your foot :-(

    Bill is such a hard worker. Feel free to send him out here for a "visit." I've got a big list he could tackle :-)


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