June 1, 2018

Friday Funny 6-1/18 (Kitty Komfort)

Leaving Petersburg AK (by motor, not sail)

There's just one problem with that saying, SE Alaska is known for not having much wind in the summertime. Turning on the engine is a  way to get places, the "iron genny", as sailors call it, referring to a type of sail, the genoa, or as Gus, (the cat) calls it, the "Growly Monster".

Growly Monster, or Tasmanian Devil.

Gus has never liked the sound of our engine, the Ford Lehman, and when he hears it revving, he heads for a dark corner somewhere. I've found him under the gimbaled stove in the galley, behind everything in the v-berth, hiding behind the toilet in the forward head, in the shower stall, in a small space behind a door, and the pantry, but mostly he gets in his shark bed.

We usually check on him after we've been underway awhile, and he will meatloaf on the settee in the aft cabin. (Ship's Cat)

Elsie could care less....  she just wants to be where we are, and in the sun.

Finding her warm, sitting spot. [Wasn't that Dad's warm sitting spot 30 seconds ago...?]

"This might do"

"Don't disturb me, I'm napping. Whatever you need in these lazarettes, can wait.
Likewise if you are looking for a soft place to sit..."

While we are underway, both Elsie, and Gus wear their harnesses and leashes in the cockpit. Elsie likes to try and wander outside the cockpit, but that's not allowed.  A tug on the leash, and a firm "NO", will have her turn around to sit, and sulk. She even tries it when we're in "sporty" weather.

"Lalalala, I think I'll go for a stroll on deck before we anchor, and have cocktails "
"Uh, I don't think so, little Miss Mostly Blind Cat!"

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  1. Elsie is so mellow. I wish I had a bit more Elsie in me. :-)


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