June 14, 2018

Friday Funny 6-15/18 (Back to the Doctor🙀)

The forever ongoing saga of the broken leg, it reminds me of the "Song That Never Ends".  🎶 It just goes on, and on my friend. 🎶. If you ever sang that song, it will now be stuck in your head today, you’re welcome.

I’m back in Anchorage to see doctors, yes, more than one. My surgeon, and his PA have inspected their work, and have referred me to an ankle, and foot specialist. The pain that’s been keeping me from walking, and on crutches, is not near the inserted hardware, so on to the next expert.  I’ll see him next week, and hopefully get my problems solved. It’s been six months since my accident, and I’d like to be back to normal.(?) If my crutches weren’t borrowed, Davy Jone’s locker would have had a new set by now, however I’ll need to give them back someday. 

This is now seriously messing with my summer, and I’m getting cranky.
 (Getting cranky? says Bill, dodging...😏)

(Relatives are not really a pain in the neck, just kidding around)

We have guests coming for the fun 4th of July celebration in Wrangell, and then spending a few days onboard exploring. We are looking forward to having my brother, and sister-in-law with us for a visit, and I have some serious cleaning, and provisioning to get done. My sis-in-law is allergic to cats, and I need to be sure she’s as comfortable as possible. We don’t keep the v-berth cushions onboard, they’re in storage, so the cats haven’t been on them, but there’s plenty of other chores to finish. 

I only have my iPad with me, and this blogger format doesn’t work very well on it, so I’m using a third party app. It’s an experiment, and  I won’t know if it works until I publish.  Wish me luck. 

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June 8, 2018

Friday Funny 7-8/18 (Writing and Shrimp Come Together)

I would never do this.....  hehe

I would never call myself a writer, this is just a blog about stuff, and I enjoy doing it. Bill, on the other hand, has informative posts that people actually use. I usually say that he writes about the technical, and I write about the goof-ball. (You may have heard that before.)

This will not happen in my lifetime, no one will send me fifty thousand dollars for my writing.

There's a nice power catamaran that has a slip at the end of our dock, and it's owned by a published author, and his wife. They are super nice folks, fabulous fishermen, and Ken writes great books. They are fun murder/mysteries that are set in Southeast Alaska. If that kind of reading is appealing to you, I recommend you try them out.

The first one is West of North, and the second one is The Peat by K. E. Hoover, and they can be purchased on Amazon. I find it enjoyable to read along with his fictional characters, with non-fictional details in places I know. It's not a series, but some of the characters from West of North show up in The Peat, so reading West of North first is helpful.

Yesterday, Ken came by and told us the tender, "Martina", was in, and that they had shrimp onboard to sell. Oh. Yeah. Fresh Shrimp!

Tender Martina, in her slip at Heritage Harbor, Wrangell AK.

Per Wikipedia:
ship's tender, usually referred to as a tender, is a boat, or a larger ship used to service or support other boats or ships, generally by transporting people and/or supplies to and from shore or another ship.
Or in this case, transporting recently caught seafood, ice, food, or fuel.

I just happened to be reading The Peat, when Ken stopped by, and then I read in the back acknowledgments that he had spent a week on Martina, learning about tender activities. It was sort of an "all details come together" moment. 

One bucket of fresh shrimp

One bowl of clean shrimp

Bill scooped out a bucket of fresh shrimp from Martina's iced storage, and Bill Armstrong, the owner was very generous with the cost. THANK YOU! The shrimp had not been sorted yet, so they were all different kinds, all different sizes, and we did the be-heading, and cleaning. So worth it! Bill is contemplating making Shrimp Étouffée for dinner. Can't wait.

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June 1, 2018

Friday Funny 6-1/18 (Kitty Komfort)

Leaving Petersburg AK (by motor, not sail)

There's just one problem with that saying, SE Alaska is known for not having much wind in the summertime. Turning on the engine is a  way to get places, the "iron genny", as sailors call it, referring to a type of sail, the genoa, or as Gus, (the cat) calls it, the "Growly Monster".

Growly Monster, or Tasmanian Devil.

Gus has never liked the sound of our engine, the Ford Lehman, and when he hears it revving, he heads for a dark corner somewhere. I've found him under the gimbaled stove in the galley, behind everything in the v-berth, hiding behind the toilet in the forward head, in the shower stall, in a small space behind a door, and the pantry, but mostly he gets in his shark bed.

We usually check on him after we've been underway awhile, and he will meatloaf on the settee in the aft cabin. (Ship's Cat)

Elsie could care less....  she just wants to be where we are, and in the sun.

Finding her warm, sitting spot. [Wasn't that Dad's warm sitting spot 30 seconds ago...?]

"This might do"

"Don't disturb me, I'm napping. Whatever you need in these lazarettes, can wait.
Likewise if you are looking for a soft place to sit..."

While we are underway, both Elsie, and Gus wear their harnesses and leashes in the cockpit. Elsie likes to try and wander outside the cockpit, but that's not allowed.  A tug on the leash, and a firm "NO", will have her turn around to sit, and sulk. She even tries it when we're in "sporty" weather.

"Lalalala, I think I'll go for a stroll on deck before we anchor, and have cocktails "
"Uh, I don't think so, little Miss Mostly Blind Cat!"

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