May 11, 2018

Friday Funny 05-11/18 (Summer has Arrived)

Once in awhile.

We finally left the electric heat off at night this week, we had some sunny days, or as Bill calls them, "severe clears". The pilothouse faces south and if we don't close the blinds, the temps inside soar past the 80's. We could always turn on the air conditioners, and we've been known to do so, but we're trying to save a bit on the electric bill, as well as we love the silence of NO FANS. It's so peaceful when we have vanquished the constant drone of fans.

The dehumidifier puts out just a smidge of heat, and is very quiet, so we left that on. The removal of moisture is important on a boat to prevent mold, and mildew growth, and we almost never have any.

Leg update: I had quite a bit of pain for the last week or so, and I went to the local clinic for possible answers. The doctor ordered another round of x-rays to look for stress fractures in my ankle, and tests for potential blood clots. I'm happy to report all negative, however, something was causing it, and the best we can tell, is that I overdid my exercise program. The doctor said it must be ligaments, taped up my ankle like an athlete would (hahaha, yeah, right), and said to stay off of it. I've been off of it for almost 2 weeks, and I do feel much better. I'm ready to get back to the business of walking, but I'll be more careful of how I push it. 

I might need this as a necklace, perhaps a keychain. It'll go with the "I do my own stunts" hoodie.

Here's the followup leg xray that was taken on the 1st of May.

Three of the breaks look to be healing well, but that last on one the lower fibula is being stubborn. The doctors aren't too concerned since that big rod is my support anyway. FYI, I load up on calcium, magnesium, and D3 on a daily basis.

So life goes on, and summer is here. It's time to get off of the dock, and go have an adventure.

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  1. So your electricity is metered? Thank goodness it's a flat fee where we are so I can run the AC all the time.

    1. The transient dock has a flat electric fee, but the permanent slips sign up with the local utility, and are responsible for their own usage. We lock up our plugin box when we leave, so if the marina hot berths the slip while we are gone, they don't run up our electric bill.


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