May 4, 2018

Friday Funny 05-04/18 (Star Wars Day!)

You didn't seriously think that I would let this day go by without a blog post did you?

Gimme more kibble you shall!

Thanks, but at the present time, we have all we need.

I've found quite a bit of party supplies for this particular holiday. Yes, it's really considered an official Star Wars holiday, at least by Star Wars fans. You can find recipes, party favors, game ideas, and free printables to dress up your decor. 

From Over the Moon

I didn't get to see the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, because I had just had the surgery on my broken leg, and I was pretty much bed-bound. The surgeon made a joke on his last hospital visit, about how I should get in the wheelchair and go see the movie, because I would get great seating. That was probably true, but getting in and out of the house, and car was more of an ordeal that outweighed the benefits.

I may have to borrow, or rent the movie on Amazon as my Friday celebration. I could definitely make Padawan Popcorn, or as we call it, caramel corn. I don't use a recipe or measures. I've made my Grandma's recipe so many times, that it's just toss the ingredients in the pan, cook, coat the popcorn, eat. 

Gus is trying out for the "Laser Cat" role.

I will hopefully, have another reason to celebrate on Friday. I've had a bit of a setback this past week, my ankle, and foot were so painful, I couldn't put any weight on them, and I had to pull the crutches back out. It's depressing. My physical therapist said that I have an inflammation in the soft tissues, to ice it regularly, and stay off of it. On Friday, I have a doctor appointment and another PT appointment, and hopefully they will do their thing, and tell me to start walking again. (I'm writing this on Wednesday, so by the time you read it, I will be at my appointments. Updates will be forthcoming.)

Just not too much celebrating, as the next day is Cinco de Mayo, or maybe it should be called Drink Tequila Day, which could bring on the Revenge of the Sixth.


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  1. Love the pictures! Sorry that you've had a setback. That must be so frustrating :-( Did you end up watching Star Wars yesterday?

    1. Thanks, I'll be better soon. We didn't watch Star Wars, we ended up watching the awful remake of "Lost in Space" movie. That's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. :-)


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