April 27, 2018

Friday Funny 04-27/18 (Spring Fling)

I agree!

It's that time of year, when we spruce up our surroundings. I participated last Saturday, in Wrangell Parks, and Rec program, HOP - Help Our Parks. I didn't actually pick up any trash, because... well, you know, I walk with a cane, and I'm leery of uneven surfaces. I manned (womanned, personned?) the sign up table, helped volunteers sign their liability waiver, and pick a place to work. 

The main focus for the day was City Park, which is right next to our marina. The park is on the waterfront, next to a historic cemetery, and community garden, has a playground, covered picnic areas, fire pits, restrooms, and limited camping. With communities doing more with less, it was heart-warming to see more than 40 people volunteering for clean-up jobs. 

My view from the sign-up table inside the main shelter.

Main shelter

I assisted these lovely ladies, who are part of the staff at Wrangell Parks and Rec.

Picnic shelter

Tables, and garbage cans were scrubbed, fire pits cleaned out, grounds raked, brush cleared, damaged areas replaced, and painted. Did you notice the roofs over all of the picnic tables? We are in a rainforest after all, and the cover ensures that your picnic won't be rained out!

Children's playground

The cemetery looks so nice now, volunteers mowed, weed-whacked, scrubbed head stones, replaced a worn bench, and pruned the trees. If I had a friend, or relative resting there, I would be so grateful for the kind attention.

Lunch! This photo was taken before they repainted the walls, they look pristine now.

Lunch was provided for all of the volunteers, grilled hotdogs, potato salad, chips, homemade brownies, and cookies. 

This carved log is on the beach at City Park, it never seems to be affected by the tides. It's a great place to get your tourist photo taken.

Of course.

Now if I could only set up a sign-up table on my dock finger, and have volunteers come and do my spring cleaning on Denali Rose. How cool would that be!?

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  1. What a wonderful thing that everyone volunteers to help out. Many hands make light work.

    1. This is a good town, there's always something going on, usually family friendly, or an opportunity to volunteer to make a difference.


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