April 20, 2018

Friday Funny 04-20 (Small Town News)

Both good, and bad.

We have about 2200 people here in Wrangell Alaska, it's the smallest community that I have ever lived in, and I've become known in town as, "that person who fell down the stairs last winter". Everyone  has seen me hobble around town on my crutches, and watched me graduate to using the cane. They have all been solicitous of my well being, and always ready to help. 

The gals at the community pool, where I have been doing my physical therapy, have kept a very close eye on me. They have always made sure I don't slip on the wet tile, to and from the pool, and made sure the shower chair is available when I need it. 

Sometimes I'm curious, and ask people how they knew about me, some reply that my friend Katherine at Zak's Cafe had kept them informed about my accident, and progress. (My local press agent?) She found out the ambulance callout that morning had been for me, and we kept in touch during my recovery. She messaged me on Facebook one day while I was in Anchorage, and said, "you know Donna, if you wanted more attention, all you had to do is ask!" 😁

I have encountered the terrific staff of the hospital, and ambulance crew in, and around town, and they always say how glad they are to see me up on my feet, and recuperating. It's kind of funny, I was in such a morphine haze after the accident, I don't recognize them now, but when they speak, I remember their voices. I make it a point to thank them for their excellent care, and attention. 

I know small towns get a bad reputation for poking into each other's business, but, I'm glad to be home, and you couldn't ask for better friends, and neighbors. 

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  1. I love that everyone knows you're the lady who had an accident! Wild that while you don't remember who took care of you in your drug-induced haze that you recognize the voices.

    1. They love it when I wear my "I do my own stunts" hoodie too, I always get comments, and smiles.


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