April 6, 2018

Friday Funny 04-06/18 (Raising Cane)

Seriously, ouch.

I have graduated to using a cane, and put the crutches away, it's both easier, and harder. I like that I'm not hauling a large metal device around anymore, but I also have to put more weight on the left leg, and have better balance. It's challenging, and it's progress.

I borrowed a cane from my physical therapist, and it's just plain silver metal. If I had to have a cane full time, I would definitely be looking for one that would be my kind of cool. I had no idea there were so many options.

Cane with an interior flask.

Snake canes

Utility cane

You can get canes with any kind of weapon on the inside, with any kind of animal head on top, and in any wood, metal, or plastic.

Pick your preference.

Need a bedazzled jeweled one?

How about a custom color, maybe one for each season.

This one would be great if I lived in "Little Norway, Petersburg".

Perhaps I would choose a nautical theme.

Fortunately, I'm not planning on using a cane for too long, and the plain jane one I have is sufficient enough to help me regain use of my left leg.

Probably the best kind of cane.... candy cane with chocolate.

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