March 9, 2018

Friday Funny 3-9/18 (Respect)

Thursday, the 8th of March, was International Women's Day. I'm not sure what that means internationally, but there were quite a few uplifting sayings, quotes, and photos posted in the news, and Facebook. 

No, this is not a man-bashing column. It's a reminder to treat everyone with courtesy, and respect.

Just recently in a women's sailing forum I belong to, someone asked, "if your significant other stepped on your foot, would they apologize?" I was stunned by the answers. About half of the respondents said "yes", and the other half was split between an absolute "no", and an, "I don't know". There is something seriously wrong with that. If you stepped on anyone, including, or especially  your partner, wouldn't you say you were sorry?

Notice both Eleanor, and Malala talk in terms of anyone, not excluding race, nationality, or gender. 

I tried to find some good humor online, but only came up with man-hating, or sexist cartoons. So I'll tip my wine glass to all the remarkable, intelligent, capable women everywhere. Cheers!  🍷

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  1. I saw that post in WWS - it was fascinating!

    1. I can see in the heat of some kind of fast action needing to be done, and a followup apology afterwards, but to discount the moment, just sad. :-(


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