March 16, 2018

Friday Funny 3-16/18 (Rehab and Rain)

It's me.

Coffee to inspire some "get - up - and - go" in the morning is a must.

I'm getting physical therapy several different ways this month. The goal is to ditch at least one crutch, if not both by the end of it. It's good to be optimistic, but it's difficult. I'm attending a water aerobics class called "the arthritis class" in the Wrangell pool. The goal is to exercise all of your joints, and use movement that is supported by being in the water. I was surprised at how wonderful the water felt, and how much movement I could accomplish without my crutches. I can do the exercises, and walk using a small floatation board for stability. I also have a Physical Therapist at the Wrangell Medical Center who has given me knee, ankle, and foot exercises that need to be done every 2 hours. All this activity is keeping me busy!

A glass of wine to console me when my goals for the day haven't lived up to my large expectations. As I told my PT worker, "I'm very competitive, but only with myself." I usually push myself, and then in the evening I'm swollen, and have some discomfort.

- I wrote the previous paragraphs on Tuesday, and today is Friday. The good news is that I didn't need the floatation board in the pool this morning. YAY! I also walked, (outside the pool), all morning with just one crutch. This afternoon, I went back to both crutches, because I was getting sore, and stiff. It's probably good to not overdue it, and then end up with too much pain, and soreness.

The bad news is that Wrangell, in the nation's largest rain forest, is experiencing a water shortage. It's a possibility they may close down the pool to conserve water. It's not all about how much rain they have had, though that plays into it, it's also about the water filtration system that can't keep up. I won't go into local politics here, but I would be unhappy if I couldn't use the pool. I believe it's been a major factor in my positive rehabilitation.

Who knows..... we may end up back in Petersburg!

It's kind of hard to wish for rain when the day is as beautiful as this.

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  1. That cartoon cracked me up - how true! I can't believe there's a water shortage there.

  2. It's a strange, and odd thing, to have a water shortage in Southeast Alaska. It's the deferred maintenance on the aging water filtration system that is a major contributing factor to our lack of household water. It's raining today.....


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