February 24, 2018

Friday Funny (?) 2-23/18 (Home Sweet Home)

I arrived with more than a sack of marbles.

I actually arrived home to Denali Rose in Petersburg on Friday. The friends that helped pick me up at the airport were surprised at the amount of luggage I had. The upside; I had one t-shirt when I arrived Anchorage on the Medevac, and I was able to buy a nice wardrobe via the internet from Eddie Bauer, courtesy of everything 60% off. My sis-in-law wanted to know if I had left anything in the store. The downside; it won't all fit in my allotted storage space on the boat, so I will have to be ruthless with sorting out the old clothes. I also acquired another sewing machine, a small compact model, that will do lightweight jobs. So, I have rationalized, three tubs for sewing machine, some new clothes, and don't forget, Christmas presents..... I had to buy the walker, no rental, like the wheelchair, and duffle in case of weather problems with flight, and my backpack of electronics, and snacks. That's not too much is it?

3 tubs, a duffle, my walker, and a backpack

DAN, (our Medivac Insurance Co), really came through again. The doctor had released me for travel, with the stipulations of full recline, and full elevation for my leg. So DAN booked me on a commercial flight, but to make sure they were providing for doctor's orders, they booked, and paid for, a row of three seats just for me. That way I could sit with my leg extended out the length of the three seats. I'm again, blown away by the efficient, caring people at DAN, and the way they have provided for me. I urge anyone who might be considering DAN, or DAN Boater evacuation service to take a look at their programs online. 

Onboard Alaska Airlines

The weather today, (Saturday), is really awful, we are getting a large snow dump. It has made hobbling the dock with crutches a challenge. I decided to brave it, and go up to a local bakery/coffee shop for breakfast and chat with friends. The dock was slushy when we left, and the ramp was at high tide, so it wasn't too hard to get up it. When we returned, the slush had 3-4 inches of snow on it, and the ramp was approaching low tide. If I had a sled, it might have been fun, but meeting up with friends was the best part, and completely worth the trip.

Of course, for my first outing in Petersburg, I'm wearing my "I Do All My Own Stunts" hoodie.

I tried to keep my sock, and boot out of the snow, but I didn't succeed. 

It's also not much fun getting on/off the boat, but once onboard, I'm learning how to negotiate the various steps. Bill will be a "single-hander" until I get better balance, and more weight on the left leg. It's a good thing he's good at that, and doesn't mind.

Do you think we qualify for handicap parking?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks John, it's good to be home, and with my nautical friends.

  2. Hello Donna, Great entry today! So good to see you 'up and about' and negotiating your crutches so well! You are one determined woman to take on that slushy, snowy dock! I'm glad you don't have to deal with all the deep snow in Fairbanks right now. Do take care and know that I think about you and Bill with much affection!

    1. Thanks Carol. I enjoy looking back and remembering the best neighbor ever! I want the snow to just go away, fortunately, spring comes earlier to SE, than the interior.

  3. So good to see you back on Denali Rose! I've heard such good things about DAN. Glad they came through for you.

    1. It's nice to be home again, even with the not-so-nice weather. I need to send DAN an email, I see on their website they haven't put a "rescue pin" in Alaska yet. :-)


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