January 5, 2018

Friday Funny 01--5/18 (Moving Forward)

Yes, thank you very much.

Are you tired of the leg updates? I am, sort of, (livin' the life 😎).  Just for you, here's a link to a previous post, it's one of my favorites, and it consistently still gets readership. It's all about Gus, and as you may know, he's pretty cute.  Click here: A Day in the Life.  Don't read further.

The leg update: I had gracious boating friends take care of me for a couple of days at their "land" condo, and they made my New Years celebration, (such that I could), really fun. Here's what we did to my boot/brace.

Glitter tape
Tasteful Bling
They also loaned me a new walker, which gives me more mobility, and lets me carry things, as well as sit down when I get tired. And crutches, notice the custom color on both of them. Susie knows how to do things right! She's also a retired physical therapist, and helped me with circulation in my leg. Dan, her husband is an excellent chef, and we had many delicious meals. I can't thank them enough for their kindness, generosity, and hospitality.

Bronze, not plain silver

How about a mauve walker?

My niece doesn't have to be my chief fetch, and carry gal anymore.


Bonus shot of Rachel's cute, but kind of clueless dog, Sparki.

I found this sweatshirt online, and of course I'm ordering it! I'll wear it to my next doctor appointment.

How appropriate is this? A sense of humor about the situation is important for good morale.
Next post in the story here.
What do you think, more bling? Have you ever had someone fetch, and carry for you? Did they like it?

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  1. Love what you did to your boot - very cute :-)

  2. Hi Donna - believe it or not - first time reading the Friday Funnies. Hope you get well soon. If we miss you in P-Burg (leaving at the end of the month for a ski trip), we'll come over to Wrangell and visit.

    Love your sense of humor

    1. Thanks Ron, I'm glad someone is reading them.;-) Have fun on the ski trip, and please come visit.


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