December 29, 2017

Friday Funny 12-29 (Follow up, or part tres)

Temporary setback.

I had my first follow-up doctor appointment since the surgery on my leg. Mostly all good news, whew!

My leg splint that I wore for 2 weeks after surgery.

Cutting off the leg splint.

New hardware.

I won't post the repulsive photos of my bare leg. Imagine, (if you want), three incisions, secured with staples, and a purple, green, yellow swollen leg that hasn't been shaved in over two weeks. Okay, I bet you're done with that.

They pulled the staples out, one by one, (about 30 of them), ... ouch, ouch, ouch. My brother held my hand, because I warned him that I might be light headed over such things. I didn't look, but he assured me that they used a very cool tool, and the staples came out easily.

The doctor's instructions were: 
No air travel for 1 month
NO weight-bearing on the leg for 1 month
No physical therapy needed. I can move my knee, and hip easily now, and when the swelling goes down in my ankle, I can start to move that as well. 
I received a removable boot, so I can shower easier, and wear a sock, and regular pants. Yippee! No more ugly sweatpants with one leg cut off. I pretty much live in yoga pants regularly anyway.

While I was web-surfing, I saw this: 


Since I didn't get a cast to decorate, this may be just the thing. My brain is whirling with, "What can I do to make this plain black boot more attractive and fun?"

Perhaps this posted on it:

Maybe I should quit...

I'll stay with my family in Anchorage for another month, and hopefully over time, I will be able to do more things for myself. My boating friends who keep their yacht in Wrangell, and live in Anchorage, are helping me out with all the "broken leg" equipment I could ever ask for. They have loaned me, a shower chair, and have offered a deluxe version of my walker, wheelchair, or crutches. I'm going to try them out this weekend, and see if they help with my mobility.

Just me, and the stairs......

When the month is over, I will go back to Orthopedic Physicians, for an x-ray. After looking at it, Dr. Powell will decide what will be next in the process, and tell me how and when to start putting weight back on the leg.  I'm kind of curious to see the x-rays, and the new hardware, as well as the bones knitting together. I have my original x-rays, and can compare the old to the new.

I'm hoping by then, that we will have a land place to live for a few months, and the doctor will release me to fly home to Wrangell. I'm kind of missing Bill, my kitties, and all the wonderful Wrangellites, and Petersburgers. (I'm not sure either one is a word. 😀) I miss Denali Rose also, but that's off limits for now.

Do you have any suggestions to dress up my plain black boot? Do you like sequins? Do you get squeamish at seeing injuries, especially your own? 

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  🎉🎉🎉

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[Here is the next post about this incident...]


  1. I'm glad you are doing better! I'm sending positive thoughts your way

    1. Thanks Heather, I'll take all the positive-ness I can get.

  2. You definitely need to jazz up that black boot. Maybe pictures of the kitties surrounded by sequins?

  3. Hi Donna. Love the sense of humor you have kept up; we miss you here. If you arrive back in P-Burg and we have left on our ski trip, we'll come over to Wrangell and visit (presuming you have actually gone back! LOL)


  4. I look forward to a visit from you and Kirsten!


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