December 1, 2017

Friday Funny 12-01 (Holiday Decor)

Surprise for Gus, and Elsie

I'm having a hard time decorating for the season this year, but perhaps I have the wrong perspective.  I think I'm putting up decorations to enhance my holiday spirit, but maybe I need to look at it from a cat's point of view. Gus, and Elsie think I am providing them with fun toys in the middle of the night, because they don't really care that it's Christmastime.

"Elsie look! Whee, there's a new one!!" 
"Gus! Stop hitting me, and aim for the target!"

I put up the lights around the pilothouse, and tried to hang colorful ornaments randomly around on the cord.  Morning discoveries.

Fish in laundry room.

This fish was found behind a closed door to the laundry/shop room. Bill puts his socks under the door, and Gus likes to paw under the door, and pull them out at night. Fun game. So he must have decided to get the fish down from it's hook, and put it under the door as a new challenge to go along with the socks.

Octopus on floor

This octopus was found on the floor, apparently he was fun to bat around.

Crab unscathed.

This crab is metal, and wasn't as interesting as the soft ornaments. He is still hanging in place.

Here are the innocent parties this morning. Gus is in his shark, sleeping, after all of his partying last night, and Elsie is waiting on the steps for her morning outing.


Maybe I have the wrong idea, and I should put the decorations OUTSIDE the boat, like this pretty decorated boat that is our neighbor.

Pretty dusk to dawn lights.

How should I thwart the antics of the predators in the night? How do you decorate for Christmas? Do you have other traditions that are a "must do" for the holidays?

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  1. Those are adorable ornaments so I can see why the cats went for them.

    1. In order to enjoy them, I might have to decorate every morning, and take them down before I go to bed. ;-(

  2. Our Christmas tree was minima as storage space was minimal! It helps you to get in the holiday mood though!

    1. I've thought about getting a small fake tree, but for goodness sake, I live in the Tongass Natl Forest! It just seems wrong somehow. Very cute photo! I remember following along with you on your blog. You're welcome to join us sometime, anytime!


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