November 8, 2017

Black and White -the rest of the story.

The rest of the black and white photos from Facebook 7 day challenge. Days 4-7.

It was really hard to see the petroglyphs in the small Facebook photo, so you can see it better here. These petroglyphs are found near Petersburg, and Wrangell, and no one seems to know which group of ancient first nation did this or why.

Black and white petroglyphs

Color photo

The gang on tour.

Tour guide pointing out drawings.

One day in Petersburg, we went with some fellow boaters on a tour provided by the US Forestry Service. She thought we were a bit crazy coming out on such a windy/rainy day, and applauded our hardiness. We said we were all sailors, and if we waited for it to stop being windy and rainy, we wouldn't ever do anything.

Model of the area.

The Forestry Service had a model made of the area, the ancient fish traps, and the petroglyph rocks. We also saw the remains of the traps on the beach that were still there.

Black and white


I couldn't help but take a photo of this boat. My last name gets slaughtered so often, I'm used to it, and even though there's a "w" in it, (silent h), most often people say Roar. 

Black and white.

Haha, fooled you on this one, (probably not). It's an original black and white photo of the house my father built in Anchorage. No colorized version available. 

Black and white killer whale

The card I made.

I made this card for my brother David's birthday. Hopefully he has received it, and reads it before he sees this. I love Haida/Tlinget/Tsimisian art, and David loves orange, so I combined the two. I have several instructional books about how to use their forms, and shapes to draw, and I'm looking forward to trying it out. This one however, came out of an adult coloring book. Very fun!

Happy Birthday David!

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  1. What a fantastic card! I love the colors. I love the idea of homemade cards - they're a piece of artwork in addition that you can keep and treasure.

    1. Thanks! Maybe one will come your way someday.... ;-)


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