October 6, 2017

Friday Funny 10/06 (Rocks)

The Rock.

That's the person known as "The Rock", not quite what we (Denali Rose), need to look out for when traveling. (Though that would be cool if we did spot him here!)


Still a little too small to make much of a difference to Denali Rose when underway.


These are the rocks we don't want to come anywhere close to. It's always a good idea to give this kind of area a very wide berth! It's best to check the chart, and the tide level to see what kind of obstacles may be in your path.

Another rock

This rock might be completely submerged at high tide, and you wouldn't even know it was there if you didn't check the chart. Word of warning however, not all rocks are charted!

Several interesting items.

Here's a big rock, a little rock, and OH MY, what's that behind? Why it's a whale spout! Three items not to run into.

What's that?

Are these rocks? No, those are otters, good to avoid, just because it's good to leave the wild life wild.

 A submarine?

At first I thought this was a rock, but it was a floating tree. Good binoculars are also a very handy item onboard.



Neither of those last two photos are rocks, but they are two items that shouldn't be collided with, or run over. Not running into an iceberg is a no-brainer...duh, but also a mass of kelp can foul up your prop, and cause damage to the prop, and driveshaft. It's a regulation, but also good sense to keep someone on watch while underway.

Charted rocks. This is the area from the third photo above.

Radar rocks

Those small red circles to starboard, (right) of the boat icon are rocks. If it's foggy, you may not even see what the red dots represent, but you do know to avoid hitting anything solid. FYI, we love our new B&G chartplotters, autopilot, and instruments, it was worth the wait to get them up and running.

My birthday is in April, and these are really my favorite rocks. (Birthstone) Feel free to send me as many of them as you would like. 😃

Any size or shape, really.

Do you collect rocks? Have you ever run into a rock? What is your birthstone, do you own one?

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.


  1. Your cruising grounds are truly spectacular - otters, whales, icebergs! Wow!

    1. I've seen Alaskan wildlife all of my life, and yet I never tire of another encounter.

  2. When are you headed where it's warm?!!! Looks beautiful. You have been on the water longer than any of us in the class...Mary must be proud. Hugs, Christine

    1. We are in a place called Warm Springs, (a public hot springs), and this morning the dock was covered in frost. It's melting off in the sun though. Come join us, we'll show you the southernmost tidewater glacier. :-)


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