October 8, 2017

Denali Rose Position Report- Tenakee Springs

Another sunny day transit today [Sat, 7-Oct-2017] found us leisurely motoring with SV Dawn Treader V heading S into Chatham Strait bound for Tenakee [Hot] Springs. [http://www.tenakeespringsak.com]

Lots of whales and dolphins were observed along the way- and in Tenakee Inlet after we arrived at the harbor as well.

Sunday-Monday promise 30kt S winds and 6'+ seas in Chatham Strait [12' near ocean entrances, and 23' in the Gulf…] so we will likely stay in Tenakee until next Tue [10-Oct] when it looks like it may be another sunny, calm day for transiting further south.

We did take a walk through town after arriving. The public hot springs was not in use, and the General Store had closed early.

Businesses and the Post Office all declared winter hours [and rates…] began 4-Sept… The Cafe and Bakery listed on the Tenakee Springs web site are closed [the cafe for some time it appears…] The bakery is for sale, and if the the boxes scattered everywhere inside are any indication, someone is relocating.

The town is small [~100 residents] and the houses all line the southerly waterfront with fantastic views of the inlet. And, as we observed during our walk, the whales actively feeding…

This has been quite a beautiful and rare sunny day. What a fall treat this has been…

Even with our booster we are not able to receive any cell signals here. We thought we might have a chance for a scrap of a signal from Angoon- across Chatham Strait. Nope. Sat comms only for now folks; hence the somewhat degraded photos included with the blog post portion of this sat email (which is cross-posted to Farkwar… [https://farkwar.com/boats/denali-rose])


At 10/7/2017 22:28 (utc) our position was 57 46.6761 N 135 12.4236 W

Destination: Wrangell, Alaska


  1. A town without a bakery sounds like a very sad town. I hope someone buys it and keeps the townspeople stocked with croissants, cakes and cookies.

    1. It was sad not to have fresh baked goodies, but the small grocery store had some amazing gourmet items that made up for it.


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