September 29, 2017

Friday Funny 09/29 (mal de mer - seasickness)


While our friends from Dawn Treader V, (our cruising buddy-boat), are away on personal business, we decided to leave the dock in Auke Bay for a week. It's the easiest way to save money. What's weird about it, is that we were paying a daily rate, and if we had stayed longer, we could have paid the monthly rate, and paid less. Stay more, pay less....  who can figure this out?

We had another one of those rare nice days, cast off from the dock, topped up our fuel at the station, and headed out of Stattler Harbor for a small bay north. It was only about an hour away, so that makes for an easy trip.

Leaving Auke Bay, with Mendenhall Glacier view.

There are helicopter tours to the glacier, and they buzz overhead 5 or so at a time. It reminds me of gnats buzzing in your ear.

Lena Point

When I worked for the University of Alaska, I helped design, and build the video conferencing classrooms in this facility, for the College of Fisheries, and Ocean Sciences. I waved as I went by.

We anchored in Lena Bay, knowing that the wind was going to be from the north, and we didn't have much protection from it. After a day it was going to shift to the south, and get stronger, so we were better protected from that.

We got up the next morning at 5:30am, to check on the boat, and anchor, because we were rocking, and rolling from the wind, and the short chop waves coming in from Favorite Channel. I was feeling a bit woozy, and because it was still dark, all I could see was what looked like bobbing house lights on the shore, I took some Bonine, and decided to go back to bed. Fatal error.

Denali Rose is the circle in the cove.

I was about to crawl into bed, and I see that Gus has also become seasick, and he hadn't made it off of the bed to be sick. Oh no.... that did it for me.

I went back out to the salon, and told Bill he had better hand me the small trash can with a leakproof bag inside. I also told him that he was nominated to clean up the mess in our cabin, because as of now, I was out of commission. Poor Bill. All before coffee, he had to start the generator, throw the bedspread into the washing machine, get me a bucket, hunt for the bags, clean up after me, check on the boat, and find Gus. 

This is what I felt like.

Gus and I pretty much slept on the main salon settee, (couch), for the rest of the day.

The next day winds shifted to the south, and though we were dancing in the wind, there wasn't any more of the plunging up and down like the previous day.

I was texting my son the story, and he described me like this: Worst. Midshipman. Ever. I agreed. Geez, seasick at anchor......

I also thanked him again, for bringing to us our new spade anchor last Christmas during his visit to Denali Rose.

And then here's this morning's view:

Calm morning.

Do you get motion sickness? What are your remedies? Can you send me some Stugeron? You can't buy it in the US, but people in other countries say it's the best, and it's one I haven't tried yet.

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.


  1. Oh that sucks bad. I'm sorry for both you and Bill. Also Gus. Poor kitty. We have not (knock on wood) experienced that yet. But we did buy Sturgeron while we were in Scotland. We have that and several other meds on board just in case. I think it is available in Canada, so maybe that should be on your bucket list. (LOL, sorry. )

    1. Good one.... I should put my name on this particular trash bucket. I might try ordering from Canadadrugs, and see if they will mail to Wrangell.

  2. That's a shame that you and Gus got sick. Neither of us have ever gotten seasick and I hope we never do. It just sounds awful. Beautiful morning view though.

    1. My motion sickness is much better as an adult than when I was a child. I find now, if I get enough rest, and eat sensibly, I do fairly well. You're supposed to keep your eye on the horizon when feeling queasy, and it was dark, so no horizon. I don't know how I would do on overnight passages.


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