September 22, 2017

Friday Funny 09/22 (Adventures in Juneau)


It wasn't exactly like that.

We have a good friend in Juneau, who was most gracious to let us borrow a vehicle to run errands, and grocery shop while we're here. It's twelve miles from Stattler Harbor to town, and the Fred Meyer grocery is about midway. That's too far to walk, and carry parts from the chandlery, and grocery store. 

We borrowed his Ford truck, and the passenger door had closing and locking issues, but the driver door was cooperating... all good. Our last stop was to get groceries, to keep perishables cool until we reached the boat. Everything accomplished, we walked back to the vehicle, and found the driver door was stuck in locked mode also. So we didn't lock ourselves out, the truck did it to us. We HAD the keys, and fob, and the truck refused to open.

I can imagine what it was thinking: "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that..."

John, (from Dawn Treader V, our buddy boat), and I left in a cab, with the groceries, and Bill stayed behind to wait for yet another cab- this one with a person and tools to open a locked vehicle...

Where's the magic Genie when you need him?

The guy with the slim jim came, and unlocked the truck. ($$) Bill and our friend delivered the truck home, and Bill back to the boat.  I suppose renting a car might have been more cost effective. Live and learn, life's little adventures....

I have no idea why I took this photo of the parking lot, but that's our buddy John.

Looking at the bright side, the day had clear blue skies and warm. That's a rare day in Juneau, and we enjoyed it.

The view from the harbor.

That's Mendenhall Glacier behind the harbor, and when the clouds lift, it's a beautiful view.

Mendenhall view from Stephens Passage, as you head towards Auke Bay.

Talk like a Pirate Day, September 19th, had us smiling at a local decoration.

Cool boat name, and passenger.

We are in Statter Harbor in Auke Bay. They have approximately 324 transient spaces for vessels, depending on how long the boats are. There aren't any slips, so everyone parallel parks on three floats, two of the floats have power and water. It's a very full marina, and if you arrive late, then you can expect to circle around looking for a spot, usually ending up out on the outer float without power. Because it's so busy, there's a rule about moving your boat every 10 days, May 1st to Oct 1st. It's kind of like boat musical chairs, you never know who'll be your next boat neighbor. It might be like us, a private cruiser, power or sail, a commercial fishing vessel, a large whale watching charter craft, or an aluminum skiff. We've only moved once, but a fellow cruiser has moved 5 times, each time, getting closer to an open power plug.

Interesting boat name.

I took the bus to town to the Alaska State Museum, I encountered free-range chickens at the bus stop.

I put most of my museum photos on facebook, Denali Rose Sailboat, so I won't repost them here, but here is one of the best things in the museum.




This is a large rotating globe, with hundreds of programs that you can request to see different topics around the world. This first globe was what someone else requested, Historic Shipwrecks. The second one is the Migration of Whales, and the third one is real-time NOAA weather. I spent the most time in this room.

I'm entering a coloring book contest, but I'm not going to tell you where or what. I don't want you to compete with me. More to come later....

Have you ever borrowed a vehicle, like visiting museums, or enjoy coloring books? Let us know your experiences.

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.


  1. A coloring book contest?! I can't wait to find out more about it. Fingers crossed you win.

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping I can get it done, and mailed out in time for submission.

  2. That looks like a neat museum! Got to love people who loan you a car. The Gardiners on Cambria loaned us their truck to transport our sail to the sail hospital. Saved our butts.

    1. Yes, even with difficulties, we were grateful for transportation. We had a dock cart full of provisions for us and the Dawntreader V crew.


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