September 15, 2017

Friday Funny 09/15 (Fall cruising)

I apologize for last weeks post. I opened up the page on my phone, and discovered that the captions were too small to see, and blurry. So that experiment is over. I thought it would be easier, and fun, but it wasn't. (At least for you anyway.)

Read the smallest line you can.....

Our first stop was St Johns Harbor, we always get a beautiful sunset there.


The next morning, we discovered a problem, and after a call to American Diesel, fixed up a work around. Thank goodness for a cell signal, except of course, we could have used the SAT phone.

Leaky part replaced.

Morning inspection

We set off for Petersburg in the fog.

Hooray for radar!

Bill had a birthday in Petersburg. Since our oven is still not operational, I had to get creative. Voila, a stacked apple cookie cake! We also had a really good pizza from Papa Bear's, huge and delicious.

Happy Birthday to you. 🎶

Leaving Petersburg to continue north. (We're kinda going backwards to what most the summer cruisers have done. They're putting their boats away for the season, and we are just getting started.)

Comorants, and sea lions

We headed for Thomas Bay, because we wanted to see what Baird Glacier looked like. 


It's not much. This is as close as we can get, due to shallow water, and it's just a small lump of ice.

Le Conte Glacier

This is the view of Le Conte Glacier, (southernmost tidewater glacier), that can be seen when leaving Petersburg. That's the kind of scenery I like.

Leaving Thomas Bay, where we had anchored behind Ruth Island for the night, we encountered some wind, and lumpy waves. Bill put up the main sail, which helped scoot us along, and leveled out our ride. We started with one reef, (Reefing is the means of reducing the area of a sail, usually by folding or rolling one edge of the canvas in on itself.)  Later he went out and reefed it again, which was good since the wind picked up even more. 

By the time we turned right into Cleveland Passage to anchor, the winds were gusting to 34knots, and seas were 4-5foot. It wasn't fun (for me, Bill, as usual was in his element), when we were broadsided by wind and waves as we entered the passage. Denali Rose heeled to 30degrees at times, wheeee. I'm still getting used to, and learning to sail, time, it takes time. We stayed for two days, while waiting for more favorable weather. One night a small cruise ship joined us in the anchorage, they must not have liked the weather either. 

What's this?


While on watch, I saw this in the distance, at first I thought it was a rock. I decided it was a submarine disguised as a large tree from the Tongass forest. You can decide which agency, and which country it belongs to.

Are we crazy for starting our journey when everyone else is done boating? Should we go back to our slip in Wrangell, and batten down the hatches? Wind, yay, or nay, after all we are a sailboat.....

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  1. Happy birthday to Bill! That's an excellent cookie cake :-)

    1. Thank you, Ellen! The soft caramel-apple cookie cake was delightful...


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