August 25, 2017

Friday Funny 08/25 (Missing Zak's)

With cream, or 1/2 + 1/2.

One of the things we will miss, being away from Wrangell, is Zak's Cafe. To our good fortune, we have a place in Wrangell that serves food so good, we just have to go there to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal.

Sometimes in the morning, we have some kind of oatmeal, steel cut, 7 grain, or hot granola, if we are up to making that. Most of the time, it's cold cereal, or nothing.

When noon or so rolls around, we are usually starving, and no one wants to heat up last nights leftovers, (if there are any). A quick plan is made, lunch, a trip to the Post Office, possibly the library, probably taking things to storage, or retrieving something, and shopping, if needed.

I like to check out the day's specials, which James, (owner and chef), posts on Facebook Zak's Cafe. Sometimes he takes photos, and posts those on Facebook Wrangell Community Board. Everything always sounds, and looks yummy.

For example: this is a loaded pizza for $10.00!

The cafe is named after their nephew Zak, and not to slight anyone, the specials board is recommended by their niece, Robyn. 

Cafe atmosphere, comfortable, and cozy.

There's always something delicious on the specials board, sometimes Katherine has to erase the selections, because they sell out. Katherine, who is also an owner, the only wait staff, and her Facebook page says she's the boss. 😃

Here's what Robyn is recommending for the day.

Like this day, they had also advertised Amish Bread B.L.T with cheese Panini, and it was gone when we got there. I had the chicken salad, and it was delicious.

James, who comes to Wrangell from Maine, and Katherine, who is a lifelong resident and Tlingit, from the Frog clan, do everything at Zak's. This married couple is responsible for creating the homemade goodies that we eat. Mostly all of the bread, and all cookies, cakes, pies, cheesecakes, and the parfaits are made by hand, and all are delicious. If you order a hamburger, the bun will be handmade, and your choice of fries, handmade potato salad, or green salad side will complete your meal.

Hungry yet?

Here's Bill's double hamburger, with bacon, japalenos, cheese, and BBQ sauce. I have the honey mustard chicken salad, and just because, a side of fries. Most of the time, I don't hardly eat any dinner in the evening, since this fills me up till bedtime.

Getting his mouth around his burger.....

A visit is like a "Cheers" episode. "Hey Norm!". Where everybody knows your name. 🎶  The usual gang will get all the latest news from each other, talking across tables, or introducing themselves to a new person/tourist, and inviting them to tell us all about themselves.

Remember this?

The regulars all have the usual orders, peculiarities, and places to sit. Katherine and James have pretty much memorized all of the preferences, and usually delivers coffee to one, iced tea to another, or knows whether you like onions, or mayo, or plain iceberg lettuce. Katherine will save an apple pie for Bill. She knows if she made a fresh one, it won't last long, and Bill won't get one if it isn't saved for him. She heats it up in the microwave, and then serves it with vanilla ice cream. It certainly doesn't get any better than that!

Katherine, explaining something to Bill.

James, on a foray out of the kitchen.

Be careful if you are a sports fan, James, being from the other side of the US, will regale you with the latest scores, and triumphs from his favorite east coast teams. You can have a lively discussion.

Stop reading now James.... Shhhh, don't tell James, the Patriots are not my favorite team. 

Thinking back three years ago to our first evening in Wrangell, our first visit to downtown Wrangell, we ate at Zaks. To be honest though, it's not just their cooking we will miss. Katherine, and James are funny, warm, generous, kind people. We enjoy their company, and a visit to Zak's is more than just eating a meal. It's sharing food with friends.

Italian sign in the cafe. Translation; Shut up and eat.

What is your favorite restaurant? Which delicious menu item can't you live without?

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.


  1. What a great sounding place. I love the idea of homemade hamburger buns. So much nicer than the mass produced ones. I can see why you'll miss Zak's.

    1. On days when cinnamon rolls are advertised, we get there super early!


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